Costume :Eckhart
Variant :Vault 36
Source :Fallout
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2012

Costume Photos


ambassador of the wasteland!

going in VATS mode

damn that jet stuff is strong

solving problems like a sir

Yo deathclaw! over here!

Pip boy finished

resin pip boy shell finished



Costume Information

Vault 36 - As part of the Vault Experiment, the food extruders were designed to produce only a thin, watery gruel. The location of this vault is unknown. It is rather unlikely that this vault failed right away, but possible lack of nutrition from the food may have made the dwellers physically weak and susceptible to diseases. They may have died from malnutrition, or resorted to cannibalism to survive.

thanks to the Nuka Break series i gotten kinda tempted to do my own version of a armored vault suit and stuff so yeah!


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adfff omfg this looks so awesome !!~ I'm in the progress of making a Vault 101 jumpsuit and the vault lab suit and I can't wait to see how your cosplay turns out :3

by TheGyroCaptain on Tuesday, 10 April, 2012 - 13:07
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This is so great, that Pip-Boy is just amazing!!

by ThePheasantHasNoAgenda on Thursday, 12 April, 2012 - 09:21
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I think I remember seeing you at the London expo last may. Didn't have a camera on me though so I couldn't take a picture. Wish id made my costume around then rather than for the October one because I didn't really see anyone fallout related.

Looks great.
Thanks for the comment on my fallout cosplay.

by beefnoi on Saturday, 16 March, 2013 - 17:34