Costume :Pink Ranger
Source :Power Rangers / Zyuranger
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When I was a little girl, the Power Rangers where my Heroes. I loved them, and would watch the show every morning before School.

Recently, after watching the show again on Netflix, I was interested in watching the show that Power Rangers came from, Kyuoryuu Sentai Zyranger, and (with the exception of the soundtrack) is a FAR superior show.

I am convinced the Zyrangers would beat 7 shades of shit out of the Power Rangers, and besides that the cult popularity of power rangers ought to get a few views!

Anyone wanting to team up with me on this, PLEASE get in touch, I'd love a Power Ranger / ZyuRanger Team!

Metsukinai - Black Ranger

Suit, Belt, holster and under-helm hood commissioned by -!/pages/Power-Ranger-Costumes-suits/337185632141


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Sentai beats power rangers everytime! Zyuranger is no exeption! ^^

by Captain_Marvelous on Saturday, 1 September, 2012 - 00:01

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Power Blaster£18.49Bought


Blaster! (Posted 3rd September 2012)

Got me a Blaster - if I could just get a Morpher for a decent price, I'd be sorted!

Here we go.... (Posted 3rd September 2012)

Right, set up to get the suit, belt, holster, and under-helmet hood!

It looks as though I'm gonna be able to snag myself a power blaster off ebay as long as the bids stay in my favour!

Boots, Gloves, Helmet and Morpher will be after-Expo Endeavours...