Costume :Homura Akemi
Variant :Puella Magi Form
Source :Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Play Expo 2012

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Cost : £31.00
Time Taken : A week =w=

I know, Homura-dawg has pale skin, but I can use make-up to lighten my skin. I really love Homura and want to cosplay her!!! I might even go to the Red Nose day Run in March cosplayed as her!!!

I've already got the shoes and tights, All I need to do is do the pattern on the tights, make the costume and buy the wig!!! Please tell me what you think!!!

(UPDATE: My Auntie was kind enough to make this cosplay and i got my wig. I did go to the MCM Expo and will upload the videos on my Youtube ^^)
Worn/Will be worn at:
MCM Expo Manchester 2012
Play Expo 2012


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Homura Cosplay!!! (Posted 14th February 2012)

Happy Single Awareness Day fellow cosplayers!!! Just a small journal to my Homura cosplay! I'll start making the base of the shirt tomorrow when I wake up. I might also be going to the Manchester MCM Expo in July if it isn't too cold!.....Well... I guess that's it...for now.Bye!!!