Costume :Yuna
Variant :Gunner
Source :Final Fantasy X-2
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2009

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Nearly Done



My Babies!!


Costume Information

Cost : £80 so far...
Time Taken : ?

Everyone must be sick of Yunas running around, however in May my friends and I are planning on a YRP group cosplay in the gunner sphere and I got Yuna by default. Meaning I get to wear her default outfit XD Not that I mind, it's really pretty and I like Yuna's personality ^^ Only thing I'm not looking forward to is the wig.


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Those guns are awesome. Should be good to see when may comes around.
(BTW, I dont think people are tired of seeing Yuna about the place, especially when you compare it to the amount of bleach/naruto cosplayers out there now.)

by MattDark on Wednesday, 10 December, 2008 - 15:25
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those guns are pretty cool xD now get to work on costume :P Gunner is kool ^^

by Ikkaku-kun on Wednesday, 10 December, 2008 - 16:49
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Awesome ^_^ You're going to look great in this!

by sjbonnar on Wednesday, 10 December, 2008 - 20:37
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Needs more pics of you in it :-p

by sjbonnar on Thursday, 15 January, 2009 - 20:48
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Wow awesome yuna the guns look great too
should be great for the expo

by tousen_218 on Wednesday, 18 February, 2009 - 18:36
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by Elata on Wednesday, 18 February, 2009 - 23:39
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Wow this looks awsome the guns look soo amazing! ^^

by dreamyheaven on Wednesday, 4 March, 2009 - 20:38
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wow your so lucky to have the guns! This costume looks amazing! ^^

by letmelive on Friday, 10 April, 2009 - 16:24
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that outfit is really good and is added with the guns ^_^ really good work ^_^

by SamanthaKaiba on Saturday, 18 December, 2010 - 23:29
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Great progress on your cosplay.

by Mangamad on Sunday, 19 December, 2010 - 12:31

To-Do List

Make TopHighComplete
Make SkirtHighComplete
Buy Tiny BeesMediumComplete
Make beltMediumComplete
Find denim shortsLowComplete
Make wrist bandLowComplete