Costume :Ubume
Variant :humanoid Ubume
Source :Okami
Progress :Planned
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humanoid ubume


Costume Information

Time Taken : 0 to make 3 to plan

A bird possessed by the soul of a woman slain by a samurai's blade.
It has no trouble deflecting sword attacks with its umbrella.
Then, it wastes no time using its dark essence to launch a counter.

a dead mother turn in to a ubume because she cant get someone to care for her child before she passes over. its a mythological being from Japan.

Ubume are birds that wear a hat and kimono. They also carry an umbrella which they use to attack and defend themselves.


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To-Do List

kimono dressHighPlanned
kimono jacketHighPlanned
platform shoes - okobosHighPlanned
fan wingsHighPlanned
inner kimonoMediumPlanned
outer kimonoMediumPlanned
leaf necklaceMediumPlanned
crane feet socksLowPlanned
feather glovesLowPlanned