Costume :Claret
Variant :Outfit based on Claret's style
Source :Teahouse
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2012

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Costume Information

Cost : 25
Time Taken : 4

I love Claret! Why does she get no love? :(

Anyway the outfit is going to be based on the clothes Claret normally wears.
I've decided on a green skirt a black under bust corset and a green top with black and white sleeves. Basically what she wore in the first scene but in green lol :P

I shall be making this outfit on budget because I am a poor student lol

The outfit is finished now! I shall be wearing it at the MCM Expo on Sunday in a few days time :D


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To-Do List

Create arms and sleevesMediumPlanned

Shopping List

Skirt£5.00To Buy
Top£5.00To Buy
Material£20.00To Buy


Half done! (Posted 26th February 2012)

I have wig, skirt, underskirt, corset, socks, shoes!

All I need now is sleeves a few more accessories and a top! Oh and maybe a push up bra for good measure xD

My house mate Nicola is also going as Princess Evelyn so I'll try and get her to make a cosplay island account :D

I need to see about getting a bow for the wig! The wig is good but the picture when I ordered it was slightly lighter than how it was in real life. But I think it still works!

I was wondering about getting a green face paint to use on my eyebrows to make them match the hair. I think this might help the wig look more natural? What do people think? :P