Costume :Lady Tsunade
Source :Naruto
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Aya Revolution 2009

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Tsunade from Manga cover


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Cost : too much

I'm hoping to wear it as part of a group with Reyazu as Orochimaru and Sensei Kate as Jiraiya XD
Sadly, despite trying to make it myself (I fail so much) I'm asking a friend to make it for me. She a far better seamstress than I am.

Still a little concerned about how to keep my boobs in place and about actually showing more than I want to ^^;;

UPDATE! I've managed to find some trousers like she wears! 2 different kinds in fact XD


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My suggestion for not bouncing out of your Tsunade cosplay, is to buy an awesome bra and tit-tape yourself into it. Then grab some really good friends and tell them they're on Boobwatch XD

I just had the bra and good friends for mine... lost the Tit-tape and so used safely pins instead.... worst Idea ever lol

See you at Aya!^.^

by Mortal on Wednesday, 22 April, 2009 - 16:06

To-Do List

Learn how to use a sewing machine!!!!!HighIn Progress
cut out obi and sew itLowIn Progress
draw out patterns and cut outLowPlanned
make shirt x2LowPlanned
make jacketLowPlanned
cut out patternsLowPlanned
attach the patch to jacketLowPlanned
find and buy trousers and sandalsLowPlanned
get a bodice?LowPlanned
buy wigLowPlanned
buy sew on patch from tokyotoysLowPlanned


Tsunade belt-sash-obi #1 (Posted 12th November 2008)

Bought some fabric for the jacket, shirt and belt-sash, will make two shirts (one out of warm/normal cloth, the other out of silver satin) Most of the material is satin so I might have to go out and find some normal material and make an extra jacket just incase I have to wear this costume outside, the thicker material should keep me warm. Also comes in handy if I mess up applying the iron on patch to the satin jacket.

Currently attempting to make the sash, since its the easiest. So far, Ive cut out the pattern and drawn around it. Thats pretty much it. I think my next steps would be to cut out the fabric (obviously) and attach it to another piece and sew it together, it should save a bit of time. Then I will sew lines along it lengthways to give it an effect and then add the snaps or whatever. Thats all I have in mind for now.