Costume :Reno
Source :Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2009

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Tifa and Reno

Rude, Reno and Tifa

Reno Cosplay


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Costume Information

Cost : £59.07
Time Taken : Still in Progress

I'm cosplaying Reno to the London MCM Expo May 09 as part of a FFVII group. I'm also going in for the guiness world record attempt with the most gaming characters in one place.

*UPDATE* ~ I shall be cosplaying a upper class version of Reno toe the cosplay party which will be fun!! ^_^

Well I purchased a blazer from a charity shop, I've made some alterations but it looks good, I bought some trousers from Marks and Spensers plus a shirt from primark. I also have made the weapon from a broom handle, plus spray paint and black paint for the weapons handles. The wig was styled by myself and looks good so I'm pleased, the shoes are the same as from my Zero cosplay which I purchased from BHS. I also bought some goggles from Sport world which I have altered a little bit. So altogether I'm done I think LOL

Wig ~ £15.99 from ebay seller
Weapon (broom stick - £1.10, spray paint - £4.99) - £6.09
Trousers ~ £6 from marks and spensers
Shirt ~ £2.50 from primark
Shoes ~ £20 from BHS
Blazer ~ £5.99 from charity shop
Red Eye Liner ~ £3 from asda


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Wig looks good ^^
GET A WIG CAP!! LOL and I can do the red lines for ya if you want ^^ as well as any other 'make-up' xD

by Moonchild on Sunday, 10 May, 2009 - 18:08
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I do have a wig cap, just forgot where i left it, but i found it now lol

by CosplayChris-San on Sunday, 10 May, 2009 - 21:15
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that dude should have done Barret instead of Rude.He would have made an awesome Barret

by leumas on Tuesday, 2 March, 2010 - 08:19

To-Do List

Get ShirtMediumComplete
Get Top and TrousersMediumComplete
Buy WigMediumComplete
Order Wig/ Style WigMediumComplete
Black Goggles/GlassesLowComplete


Goggles and Weapon plus jacket (Posted 19th May 2009)

Well I went to town today and found a broom handle for £1.10, so will be cutting it down, sanding it then spray painting it, and then adding black paint for the grips, I also have the handle grip peice thing to add on which I purchased from a camera shop a few weeks ago. I also bought some black goggles from Sport World, they arn't totally accurate but with a bit of paint they should look fine, these were £2.99. A few days ago I also bought a new jacket for Reno from a charity Shop for £5.99. I'm going to alter it a bit but it should look good! ^_^

Wig Progress (Posted 10th May 2009)

Wig arrived and its a good length and good colour. Need to style it a bit which I may do myself rather than comissioning as it doesn't need much styling tbh.