Final Fantasy TYPE-0 AGITO GIRL

Cosplayer: TheSnake

Variant: AGITO girl uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd February 2012: NEW WIG ARRIVES Yes the new wig arrived today ,so i am all set with this one now.

21st February 2012: ANOTHER WIG COMING Though complete, not 100% with the wig ,so i ordered another one in a light grey which is more akin to the character. Should arrive in time i hope.

19th February 2012: COMPLETE There you go, all complete or this one, might have to trim the wig though as it gets bit in the way sometimes of my vision. As far as props ,SEVEN uses a whip which converts into a sword ,unable to find one of those and would not know how to make one, so it looks like a normal whip will have to suffice on the day.

3rd February 2012: Wig or hair extensions? My Hairs a Blonde Bob anyway ,so was thinking of using clip in extensions to get a required look,or maybe I'll just see if i can source a cheap enough wig.