Costume :Leon S Kennedy
Source :Resident Evil 6
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

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Leon and Jill

Leon and Helena




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:) liking it

by otakugirl on Wednesday, 1 February, 2012 - 19:11
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Can't wait to see this dude!

Leon's new design is awesome =D

by Numta on Thursday, 7 June, 2012 - 11:42
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the jacket looks great

by otakugirl on Wednesday, 17 October, 2012 - 22:24
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looking good man ^^

by nanahara on Thursday, 18 October, 2012 - 00:58
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Looking fly dude! =D

by Numta on Thursday, 18 October, 2012 - 13:02
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thanks guys ^_^

by SnowmanKline on Thursday, 18 October, 2012 - 15:39
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Pictures look amazing! X

by FusionRose on Thursday, 8 November, 2012 - 09:01
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Thank youuuuuuu!!! ^_^

by SnowmanKline on Saturday, 10 November, 2012 - 00:39
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Great costume and thank you for partnering up with my Helena! :)

by Isabela on Sunday, 11 November, 2012 - 00:08


Jacket (Posted 4th October 2012)

I went and got a lether jacket that looked like Leon's for Kita but a coupule of weeks a go a friand showed me on Ebay where i can get the jacket. sooooo i went ahead and go it ^_^