Costume :Shion
Variant :White haired
Source :No. 6
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Hyper Japan Nov 2012

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Showing my love for one of the best series to come out last year. The ending made me cry. Really. For HOURS.

I've been wanting to cosplay Shion since I started watching the series, but I didn't have any gaps open in my cosplay calendar. Luckily, a friend said he'd take me to Amecon this year, so I can show him off and maybe bag myself a Nezumi in the process (*w*)

I still need to find a good coat, but apart from that, he's pretty much complete (^w^)v

I won't be going to AmeCon now, due to money troubles, but this costume should be making an appearance at Hyper Japan in November AND I'll have a Nezumi too!!! :'D


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Picnic! (Posted 25th July 2012)

So I took Shion to the cosplay picnic last Saturday!!
I was walking through Norwich and a fangirl hugged me :'D
I think it's safe to say that Shion was loved ♥
Even if I painted the mark on the wrong side of my face (sleep-deprivation). I can't wait to crossplay him again! Roll on Hyper Japan!

Photo = DERP.

Shion test!!! (Posted 19th June 2012)

I need a local cosplay buddy, so I can force them to cosplay Nezumi with me :'|

Make up test (Posted 17th June 2012)

I've tried out a few methods of re-creating the marks that were left on Shion's body, the best being smudge-proof lipstick, lightly dusted over with a loose powder to take away the stickiness. It kept on all day :3

(No pictures, i'm afraid. My camera hates me T^T)

I'll be trying Shion out at an upcoming cosplay picnic before I decide if I really want to take him to AmeCon.