Costume :Oerba Yun Fang
Source :Final Fantasy XIII
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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wig base

mak up close up ref


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Fang and Lightning have instantly jumped all the way to the top of my favourite female characters of like, forever :O Cant believe I never bothered playing the game when it first came out (apart from the fact that i had no console back then, but thats not the point) I'm absolutely in love with both her and Lightning it's crazy, theyre both just so damn awesome!
Not sure when I'll do this, but hopefully some time this year, I'll see how things go :)

Doing it for kita, yay!
Bought the farbric for the sari and some silver bangles that i'll paint light blue, planning on making her boots from boot covers using one of my heeled sandels as a base.
Drew out the templates fro her spear, just need to start making it now and look for a pole to use as the base.
And hunting for a wig.


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finally starting (Posted 18th January 2012)

Bought the blue fabric for the sari today, may have a to get a longer piece though as im not entirely sure it'll be long enough (its 3 meters and im 5ft 2), then again i was a lil confused on how to wrap it, so when i do a test of that, then i'll see how it goes.