Costume :Kallen
Variant :Bunny Girl
Source :Code Geass R2
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Cheeky Bun

Pongue Tokey

Bunny Line

Bunny Totem Pole

We All Love Saber Bunny!

What is Happening to Me?

My Bunny Minons

Bunnys and Garterbelt

Happy Bunny

Three Little Bunnies

Bunny Group

Reference Picture


Costume Information

Cost : £42.71
Time Taken : 12 Hours (Approximately)

So I finished maniacally watching Code Geass for Kitacon, and for the Friday evening we decided to do a bunny group. So I thought, well I'm doing a normal Kallen cosplay anyway, and she has a bunny variant in Season 2 Episode 1, so why not? And I have to say, GOOD BLOODY CHOICE. Our bunny group was so incredibly successful that I literally had to choose from over a hundred photos in order to put the best ones on here XD.

In the end it was a pretty easy cosplay, although a pain in the neck to do. Thank god I could borrow my Dad's sewing machine otherwise sewing everything would have been a nightmare. Also first time sewing ears! So not bad.

I was extremely self conscious when wearing this, but because we had a bunch of us doing it, and everyone loved us in the end, it was a real confidence booster. And I have some amazing photos that I'm really proud of. Plus, got some great footage of us by the lovely photographer Nert!

Also this paved the way for a whole new idea for us to group cosplay! Which is lovely. I really enjoyed doing this, although if I ever wore it again I would probably redo the ears as they are actually different sizes XD. I'd also get maybe some more flattering heels and redo the bow tie as it got a bit awkward to wear after a while. Watch us in the video Cosplay Cascade!


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Gahhh Kallen is such a cute bunny girl!

by JustPeachy on Friday, 6 January, 2012 - 13:38

Your Bunny is very beautiful. happy bunny.

by SanjiDeb on Monday, 4 June, 2012 - 04:10
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I love bunnys. You look Fab ^_^ looks like you girls had so much fun!

by Ranma1-2 on Thursday, 16 May, 2013 - 21:10

To-Do List

Cuffs and TieHighComplete
Sew ribbons onto hipsHighComplete
Make Bunny earsHighComplete
Sew bra into BodyconHighComplete
Sew Heart & ribbon onto BodyconMediumComplete
Buy Tights and ShoesLowComplete

Shopping List

Pink Bodysuit£8.99Bought
Construction Wire£2.50Bought
Pink Offcut Material£4.00Bought
Red Ribbon£1.75Bought
Shirt for Cuffs and Collar£4.50Bought
Kallen Kouzuki Wig£0.00Bought
Baby Pink Tights£4.99Bought
Pink Heels£9.99Bought


All Done! (Posted 7th April 2012)

Have scrapped the padding, just sewed a bra into the lining of it which has worked marvellously. Finished the other bunny ear and I shall be fixing that to my wig with many hair clips! Also bought heels and have done the final sewing touches. Roll on Kitacon!

Sewing little bits and things (Posted 20th March 2012)

Finished sewing buttons onto the cuffs and I made the lovely bow tie today as well. I also added padding to the bodysuit but I need some way of stopping it from slipping down X_X. Could be embarrassing...

Also sewed and glued one of my wire ears onto a headpiece, got the other one to do yet. I have bought the ribbon for the sides of the bodysuit, and the wierd little heart thing. Now I just need to do the other ear, the tail and find some shoes for it.

The Wig! (Posted 25th February 2012)

The Wig arrived about a week ago and it is lovely! As I am using it for both my Kallen cosplays, that makes it a little easier. But it poofs up really nicely!

Tights and Bodysuit Arrived! (Posted 14th January 2012)

Hooray! All looks good, and even though I order a 10 for the bodysuit it's not that tight oO. Which is odd. But anyways, I ordered the wig today so that should come soon. Exciting =3