Costume :Kallen
Variant :Rebellion Outfit - Episode 1
Source :Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

Costume Photos

Various Code Geass Characters

A Wild Suzaku Appeared!


An Unclear Path

Don't Even Try


Cast of Code Geass


Kallen and Emperor Lelouche

Reference Picture


Code Geass Group


Costume Information

Cost : £39.89
Time Taken : 14 Hours (Approximately)

Our Anime and Expo going group decided that we needed to do a Code Geass group cosplay. And as Kitacon was the next big event, and we were all going because of the amazing guest Ellen Mclain (Voice actor of GLaDOS from Portal/Portal 2), we thought, why not do it for Kitacon? The venue will certainly fit the Code Geass theme. And so we did. And it was awesome.

It was a ball ache getting the costume sorted out, as me and my dad sewed the entire main body of the cosplay together IN ONE NIGHT. Up until 3am, thank you Dad I love you so much. But I am VERY proud of it, because I can say I MADE THAT! *points vaguely* The wig was perfect too.

When we wore it we didn't take too many good photos so we're going to be doing it again at some point, but it was A LOT of fun. People recognised us and it was great to show off a cosplay I'd made completely from scratch. We even had a Code Geass breakfast, and someone interviewed us!

At one point, when we were taking photos in the hallway, one of the rooms was doing a karaoke of the Code Geass 'World End' theme tune. Needless to say we gatecrashed by dancing in front of the stage. When the audience stopped being confused and actually realised who we were and how convenient it was, we got a lot of claps and cheers. BEST TIMING EVER!


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Nice. Look forward to seeing.

by Carmina on Friday, 6 January, 2012 - 14:49
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Looks great :)

by WhiteWraith on Saturday, 6 July, 2013 - 08:36

To-Do List

Sew Playsuit TogetherHighComplete
Hem Playsuit With Black Hemming MaterialHighComplete
Cut and Hem TopHighComplete
Borrow Black ShoesMediumComplete
Sew Buttons Onto PlaysuitMediumComplete
Borrow Red TightsLowComplete
Sew HeadbandLowComplete

Shopping List

Kallen Kouzuki Wig£18.22Bought
Black Hemming Material£2.20Bought
Red/Brown Material£4.99Bought
White Gauntlets/Arm Warmers£8.99Bought
Silver Buttons£1.50Bought
Red Top£3.99Bought


Last minute EVERYTHING (Posted 18th April 2012)

So the Thursday before the Friday of Kitacon, I approach my dad at about 4 pm asking him for help with this costume. Roll on the next 12 hours of us trying to get his thing done in time. It was knackering, honestly.

I made the shorts part myself using dad's sewing machine and a pair of jean shorts as a reference, but the top part was incredibly fiddly, so dad helped me a lot with that. By the time I was sewing the last of the buttons on we were basically falling asleep at the table. We finally managed to be finished by about 3 am, but it was totally worth it. Never gonna do that again though, it was too much stress XD.

Materials (Posted 20th March 2012)

Earlier this week I went to town and bought some dark brown-reddish material for Kallen's main outfit. I am hoping to try and make it all from scratch although it looks quite awkward to be honest. Also bought some silver studs for her buttons and some red ribbon for her headband.

Finally bought a red top which I'm gonna crop and then sew up to prevent the ends from fraying.

Shorts and Wig (Posted 25th February 2012)

Wig arrived last week, tried it on, complete with free wig cap and it looks brilliant. Also managed to grab some shorts around christmas-time that'll do nicely, but they're quite fitted...