Costume :Alice Liddell
Variant :Classic Dress
Source :Alice Madness Returns (American Mcgee's)
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2012

Costume Photos


Lace time~

Progress So Far

Reference Image 2

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Costume Information

Time Taken : 7hrs

Dress: Complete.
Apron: 3/4.
Necklace: To do.
Skull: To do.
Boots: To buy.
Long Socks: Complete.
Black wig: To buy.
Vorpal Blade: 1/4.


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To-Do List

Create pockets on apronHighPlanned
Symbols on pocketsMediumPlanned
Stitching around bottom of dressMediumPlanned
Create Skull for bowMediumPlanned
Create necklaceMediumPlanned
Back Bow (I did create.. but I lost it ^-^')MediumPlanned
Find bootsLowPlanned


Another Small Update (Posted 4th November 2013)

Unable to attend any of the 2013 Expos :'(

I have splattered the dress with red paint for blood, mixed with a small amount of black for a darker red. Though I does not come out too well on the main skirt. Bugger.

I have worn it once at a costume party and it seemed to go well.

Still not sure if I should buy the wig or not...

My mum is planning on having a Alice in Wonderland themed wedding and has told me that she wants everyone to dress up as the characters. Does not matter the version, in fact she really wants me to wear this cosplay to the wedding! She even said she would pay for the rest of the costume.

That includes: Wig, Blade, Necklace and Boots. Maybe contacts.

She also said that we can go to the 2014 London Expo in May, a month or so before the wedding, so my costume should be complete!

(As you can see in my picture, this is the progress so far! Dress and Apron. No Symbols yet and no blood on the apron until I have the symbols and pockets on. Temporary contacts worn.)

Update (Posted 17th November 2012)

Just an update if anyone is interested.

I was not able to got to the 2012 expo's so not much progress was made with Alice for a long time. But I am aiming to complete her before the next May Expo!

I am wondering if I should but a wig or not for her. When I decided to dye my hair from red back to brown, I chose a darker brown for when I did Alice... but that darker brown did not come out very dark because of the red, and especially now since the red has come through slightly...

I have the right length and style (If I change the position of my bangs) but I have lighter brown hair... what do you think?

Another thing... contacts or no contacts? I will decide nearer the time.

The apron is going well. Only the pockets, symbols and such to go.