Costume :Romano
Variant :South Italy
Source :Axis Powers Hetalia
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2012

Costume Photos

Wig trial

Little Romano

Full body +N.Italy


Costume Information

Cost : so far £45 minus wig
Time Taken : 2+ hours

So far, gotten similar boots in the New Look sale and made the flaps, they fit in the top snugly so I don't think any further action will be needed there!

Got Patterns for the jacket and the jodhpurs and ordered the fabric online as I was having trouble locating suitable material ended up buying the textured tan suiting material from Fabric.com :>

Wig is on route.


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To-Do List

JacketHighIn Progress
JodhpursMediumIn Progress
Fix wig curlLowComplete

Shopping List

Interfacing£10.00To Buy
Zip£1.00To Buy
Buttons£2.00To Buy
Tomatoes£1.99To Buy


Ahoge sorted (Posted 21st January 2012)

fixed ahoge! just waiting for glue to dry although now its very shiny but I guess it can't be helped =v='' straightened original wire (then the wavy hair that was caught in it OTL ) Then used a wierd combo of wax hairspray and glue which seems to have worked although its noticeably darker =v=''

Wigging out (Posted 20th January 2012)

My wig has turned up! I like it, it's quite flicky however the curl is in the wrong place! >3< I've taken the wire out and chopped the now curly strand out -le sob- I'll have to use my epic crafty skills to try to fix it..

Arrived (Posted 12th January 2012)

bwahaha My fabric arrived! I've cut out the jacket's pattern except for the shoulder strips which are meant to be in black. I need to buy some interfacing also. The fabrics nice and looks good but is quite light so I may need to use more interfacing..we shall see..

Waiting Game (Posted 6th January 2012)

My patterns are all cut out and waiting I just need my fabric to arrive and I'll get started.


Kwik Sew 3534 Pattern 1 for the jacket from patternreview.com
and I think Simplicity for the Jodhpurs (I can't find where I bought it from)
which I got from Ebay, it's used but in my size so it's still ok.