Costume :Hanna Falk Cross
Source :Hanna is not a Boy's Name
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Business Card


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To-Do List

Buy WigHighComplete
Style WigHighPlanned
Buy ShoesMediumPlanned
Make Business CardsLowComplete
Make HammerLowPlanned

Shopping List

Black Jumper£9.99Bought
Pink Shirt£5.00Bought
Shoes£0.00To Buy


Oh no, wiiiig ;_; (Posted 17th January 2012)

Okay so my wig is here, and despite being BEAUTIFUL and the perfect colour, it is too short and the fibres too think for me to style.
However, I still have a fucking beautiful wig so I am not complaining, imma just buy another one.

Apparantly (Posted 6th January 2012)

My wig is in the post.

SHIIIIIRTS :I (Posted 31st December 2011)

So I can't find the brown and white striped shirt, but I will keep looking. I can't afford Vans, simple as, so I will either wear black pumps, or red converse, as in one of the references he's wearing something that looks suspiciously converse like...
Either way, i'll probably end up doing all four outfits in my reference arsenal evnetually- starting with the polo neck. I will probably just roll up the sleeves of mine.
I'm ordering the wig tomorrow, because it's new years eve so i'm not ordering anything now.

AHA! (Posted 31st December 2011)

I have chosen a wig. Not that I got any help ;_;
The wig I picked is one i've been wanting for ages because it's so pretty, so imma buy one and style it (even though it will hurt my soul because it is so fucking pretty and I wanted it for so long) and at a later date will probably buy one anyway and not style it.

Wigs and Outfits Everywhere (Posted 28th December 2011)

SO first things first I have been scouting wigs on eBay and have found three I think i can work with:

Leave me a comment with which one you think would work best as I can't decide. Also any tips on styling the wig would be helpful, as i've never done anything in this style before, and i'm worried it's not gonna hold.

Also, as far as outfits go, I can't decide which one to do so I may end up doing all four? I already have a polo neck BUT it has long sleeves so i'll either roll them up or buy a new one and cut the sleeves off. I can't find the right shirt for the brown stripes, the only one I can find is brown and pink and is nearly £30 :/
If you see anything that would work i'd appreciate some links...