Costume :Selkie
Variant :Wolfie
Source :Crystal Chronicles
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Kitacon 2009

Costume Photos

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Costume Information

Cost : £25 (£50 of fabric so far but between 2 Selkie costumes)
Time Taken : 3 hours.

Selkie. Wolfie varient.

I've chosen to make this because I LOVE Crystal Chronicles and I've not seen anybody cosplay it before! The costumes are too cute not to at least try it out.

It's going to be freezing but hopefully the fur-fabric will make it at least wearable. Also planning to wear a flesh coloured vest under the bikini top to retain dignity and heat.

This is going to be awesome, and my second completed cosplay. (1st if you don't count Halloween!


I really enjoyed CC too, and Selkie's were my favourite species...I think your referance picture is the character I played through the game with. I'd love to see pictures of this when it's done. Good luck!

by Hannah-Kiwii on Sunday, 17 May, 2009 - 16:54
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aww yey i love these little guys ^___^ i was thinkin about these the other day and it got me thinking no one ever cosplays them! good choice asell, my favvvv

by FairyPorchQueen on Thursday, 17 December, 2009 - 20:01

To-Do List

Craft white furred parts while I've still got white furHighPlanned
Buy long blue/grey wigHighPlanned
Play with flip-flops and birkenstocks to see what looks best for footwearMediumIn Progress


Getting there! (Posted 3rd November 2008)

So far, I've made the simple parts. I'm one of those 'Devil is in the Detail' people so the hairgrips are whip-stitched leatherette on two concealed barette grips. They took me an hour each to sew together! Meep.

I've also made the wristcuffs. I went for yeti/monster fur because I've seen the Selkies on cosplay.com and they didn't see fluffy enough and they'd used the lesser grade fur. Twice the price for yeti style, but infinitly worth it. I'm probably only going to use a meter overall for both my selkie and Harrisons matching boy selkie so all is good. £8.99 well spent.

I've also bought all of the fabric for both costumes and it's starting to rack up which is quite worrying. Hopefully we can recycle some to FFL for monster kit so claim SOME of the money back but for the time being I'm very poor. Boo.

I reckon 5% complete? At a push?

Planned for Kitacon 2009 (Posted 28th October 2008)

So... This seems like a fairly simple costume with lots of parts of it that I can recycle to LRP kit when I get tired of it. The Selkies are my favorite race and the Wolfies kick ass. I love the Raccoon Tails too, but the grey hair! The leggings! It has to be done.

I'm unsure if it is as I haven't looked too far into it yet, but this is for Kitacon if Kitacon is more than one day. Otherwise, it's Sora all the way if it's done by then (it's a far more complex costume). Then again, there will be many Soras if MCM Expo was anything to go by. I've not seen ANY FFCC cosplays at ALL so... *ponders*

I've convinced my boy-counterpart to play a male Wolfie Selkie alongside me (he's the Riku to my Sora and the Rude to my Reno etc etc) and he's looking forward to it too. Should be fun! Just got to get around to telling him that I can't make ALL of his costume and he has zero sewing skills to speak of.