Costume :Lightning "Eclair" Farron
Source :Final Fantasy XIII
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

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At first I was quite skeptical when I first saw Lightning's design, so to me she instantly was a female Cloud Strife, so I was quite upset about her development in a way, but a friend and my other half urged me to give the game a chance, which I was quite suprised I enjoyed every second of it and instantly fell inlove with Lightning's character, shes strong, determined and even though the hard struggle and heart break shes dealing with of losing her sister, she still plods on till the very end never letting her pain break her down. She's everything I want to be (I just have the quiet observant side and bluntness of her personality along with a small few others)

Wore it to Kita4.

- Her over coat and wig was bought for me as a surprise birthday present by my amazing otherhalf LycanEyes :) <3 <3 <3

- Bought a long sleeve brown jumper that was xxxl in the mens section of a charity shop and modified it.

- The skirt was a knee length denim skirt i found in a charity shop that i had cut in to a mini skirt and attached some zips from an old jacket on it (LycanEyes was sweet enough to attach them for me cus i failed several times to stitch it on by hand)

- The one arm sleeve was cut off a leg from a pair of metallic leggings.

- Went through 3 boots, and in the end just went with my new sheva ones my mum bought for me as a present, even though they were high heeled, my flat ones didn't look the part on the soles, so I used the straps from it which Lyacan painted for me quickly while I was modifying other cosplay bits.

- Still need to modify her paldron (will probably remake it) and her wig (which pissed me off cus i couldn't style it properly in a short amount of time cus we were rushing to go downstairs, and my wax wasn't packed >.<) Hopefully next time I re-wear her for may expo, I'll be more organised and the wig wont blow all over the place again, and I'll have my lovely otherhalf to do Snow again with me :D


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woop woop luving it <3

by subject_17 on Monday, 14 May, 2012 - 18:13

To-Do List

arm bandsHighComplete
make white overcoatHighComplete
make boots / boot coversHighIn Progress
buy and style wigHighIn Progress
make Blazefire SaberHighIn Progress
shoulder rank armourHighIn Progress
make under topMediumComplete
make skirtMediumIn Progress
get material for shoulder capeLowComplete
make necklaceLowIn Progress


wig arrived, yay! :D (Posted 29th February 2012)

The wig my otherhalf bought for me arrived :D it just needs styling now, manily the fring spiked out cus Lightning's is spikey windswepped looking (thats gonna be fun doing).
Will upload pics when its styled and done!