Costume :Cynthia
Source :Pokemon
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Hyper Japan Spring 2012

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Cost : ~£17
Time Taken : 5-7 hours (if that)

So...yeah. My mom's wanted to cosplay for a little while now, and I really want her to cosplay aswell because it's hella fun, as we all know. She wanted us to be able to match, and I thought it'd be good if I was able to find someone from a series she's familiar with so...POKEMON, of course! Then I needed to find someone that had something we could make and...Cynthia, of course! She has snazzy dress sense. So my momma will be cosplaying Cynthia and I'll be cosplaying Black/Touya (as apposed to previous planned Steven). Should be super amazing fun to make her coat! 8D And even more fun finally getting the chance to cosplay with my mom x3

DONE. Lawd, what a rushed job. Ah well, tis good enough!


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Ahhh I love Cynthia so much! I'm happy you've done this~~ not enough pokemon gym leader cosplayers!

by Marisa-Chan on Monday, 28 May, 2012 - 21:37
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OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO CUTE. especially since your mum is cosplaying AWW!! kickass

by Plasticsharkattack on Sunday, 14 April, 2013 - 15:20
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Eeeeeek such a good Cynthia cosplay ^^ you suit her so well!

by Lady-Aira on Wednesday, 17 April, 2013 - 22:58
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Really like cynthia you pull her off very well!

by Mothfox on Wednesday, 23 October, 2013 - 16:11

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Make coatHighComplete
Make hair thingsLowComplete

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3m black fabric£14.97Bought


aksjdjdf rushrushrush (Posted 23rd February 2012)

Base coat all sewn up, bar the sleeves! Now I just need to add the fur. Gonna be inaccurate in the front because I don't have time nor a plan for how to make them silver things on the front, so it shall just be a button keeping the thing together.

Found a way for the hair decs to work too. Weird idea, but I think it'll work. They're drying atm.

Less than 24 left to finish! AAAH.