Costume :Umbreon
Variant :Female Gijinka
Source :Pokemon
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

Costume Photos

Umbreon (posed)

Umbreon (back)



Costume Information

Cost : £35
Time Taken : 2 hours

Female Umbreon Gijinka - black shoes, black leggings/tights, yellow shorts, black strap top under black ribbed tank top, black ears and tail (with yellow stripe). Yellow facepaint to be painted on both of my upper arms.

Ears and tail: Cardboard cut-outs painted black with yellow stripe.

I chose to make this cosplay because... Well actually it was an accident! I brought the yellow shorts for my Pikachu cosplay and the cosplay looked WAY to amateur and yellow and ugh. It generally looked rubbish. But I didn't want to have to send the shorts back, so I thought... 'What other Pokemon has yellow on it... and black?' (I own a lot of black) and it hit me! UMBREON!

The hardest part has been trying to figure out the tail and ears... I looked to buy some - like I did with pikachu but they were like... £40. So, I opted to do a cheap subsitute with bunny ears and a cat tail... And then my funds were WAY too low. So now, I'm making them out of Card. =^.^=

The easiest part was finding the clothes. As I said, I own a lot of black.

I've also decided to add red contacts to this cosplay. ^^


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To-Do List

make ears and tailHighPlanned
Style wigMediumComplete
buy red contactsMediumComplete
paint ears and tailMediumPlanned

Shopping List

yellow facepaint£3.00Bought
black shoes£4.00Bought
red contacts£15.99Bought
black wig£4.01Bought
yellow shorts£5.61Bought
black leggings£2.00Bought