Costume :Pikachu
Variant :Female Gijinka
Source :Pokemon
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

Costume Photos

Pikachu (headshot)

Pikachu (full)

The shoes

The tail

The ears


Costume Information

Cost : £35.46
Time Taken : 4 hours

Female gijinka pikachu - yellow/black shoes with yellow leggings and a brown skirt. white strap top under a yellow tank top, Pikachu tail and ears. Brown fabric for Pika's 'Stripes' will be stiched onto the back of the yellow top. Red facepaint will be painted onto my face in two medium sized circles on my cheeks. Yellow wig; shoulder length with bangs (side-swept).

The hardest part for this perticular cosplay was finding the outfit. Yellow isn't very easy to comeby and I had to scrap a lot of my ideas. I finally brought some stuff and then a few weeks later went into primark and 'Oh! Yellow skinny jeans... *rage fit*'

I chose to do a Gijinka Pikachu because I grew up with Pokemon and Pikachu was, is and will always be my favorite Pokemon.

The easiest part was buying the fabric. -.-'


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To-Do List

buy yellow tank top (primark, like brown one)HighComplete
Stitch stripes on yellow topHighPlanned
Test out cosplayMediumPlanned
Style yellow wigMediumPlanned
Photograph Fem!Pikachu Gijinka cosplayMediumPlanned
Add extra stitching to earsMediumPlanned
Buy red facepaintLowPlanned
Buy yellow fishnet glovesLowPlanned
Buy 2 black hair extensionsLowPlanned

Shopping List

Red facepaint£2.00Bought