Costume :Dead Master
Variant :Original OVA Version
Source :Black Rock Shooter
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

I sewed a bow onto a dress, I'm so awesome 8D

Reference Pic


Costume Information

Cost : £5 o.o
Time Taken : About 5 minutes XD

I'm only really making it because I'm too lazy to do some of the other costumes I've had planned for this year but I do really love this character and anime. Plus it's mostly really easy to make, I think the hardest part is going to be the horns. Pictures soon.


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To-Do List

Buy dressHighComplete
Sew ribbon onto dressHighComplete
Make wingsHighPlanned
Make hornsHighPlanned
Find shoesMediumComplete
Buy glovesMediumPlanned
Make neck...thingLowPlanned

Shopping List

Wig£13.83To Buy


Finally Decided to Continue This Cosplay~ (Posted 8th February 2012)

I wanted to do this cosplay a while ago, after I watched the Black Rock Shooter OVA but I decided not to. I have now changed my mind because it's simple and I'm now obsessed with the Black Rock Shooter TV anime. So all I've done so far is sewn the ribbon onto the dress. I also have the leggings and I'm borrowing the shoes from my mom. Currently saving up for the wig and I need to start making the wings and horns.