Costume :Zelda- On hold.
Source :Skyward Sword
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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the belt with an attachment.

Items for SailCloth



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Costume Information

Cost : $33.54

A dress that has a few details and accessories that is added. I chose it because it would be really cool to make. So it will be a long time to get the stuff.


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Cant wait to see it! Zelda looks sooo cool in this game XD

by Princess_Clogs on Sunday, 27 November, 2011 - 23:04

To-Do List

Stay focused on making the cosplay.HighIn Progress
Buy MaterialsMediumIn Progress

Shopping List

Brown Thread£2.50Bought
Dark Blue Thread£2.50Bought
Light Blue Thread£2.50Bought
Pink Ribbon£3.77Bought
Green Ribbon£1.39Bought
Brown Fabric£7.47Bought
Light Blue Fabric£7.47Bought
Blue Fabric£5.97Bought
Creative Cuts Tulle 56" wide, 3 yard cut fabric - Solid White£7.47Bought
Fuchsia Thread£0.00To Buy
Fuchsia Fabric£7.47To Buy
Fake Ears£0.00To Buy
Wig-Yellow Color-Long£0.00To Buy
Metal Sheet£0.00To Buy
Yellow Fabric£0.00To Buy
Yellow Thread£0.00To Buy


A remake is a pain. (Posted 27th March 2012)

Ive made another part of the costume, but i need to remake the sail cloth.

One Done, More to Go. (Posted 13th January 2012)

At last, the sail cloth is done and im movin on to making the next part of the costume.

Got one thing, but theres still more to go! (Posted 26th December 2011)

Since Christmas have past, I spent some $ on some supplies for making the sail cloth. So I am working on it and seeing if the sailcloth will be good.