Costume :Grell Sutcliff
Source :Kuroshitsuji
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Cost : £50

I have to admit, when Grell firt showed his true form I really didn't like him, as I had really liked his butler version. But over the series I began to fall back in love with him. One of the main reasons for me wanting to cosplay him was his waistcoat, which I absolutely adore. And I rather wanted the opportunity to wear such a long wig, even though the thought also terrifies me slightly. Every time I get it out of the box I'm so scared of tangling it! Although it is a lot of fun to wear. It should also be a bit more of a challenge than a lot of the other cosplays I have done.

Because I started work on this cosplay quite a long time ago, I've been annoyed to find that you can now get the wigs for about half the price OTL Oh well, I guess that's always the way!


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To-Do List

Make waistcoatHighPlanned
Make/alter coatMediumPlanned
Style wigMediumPlanned
Make death scytheLowPlanned
Buy/make belt chainLowPlanned
Buy shoesLowPlanned
Trim ribbon and seal endsLowPlanned

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