Costume :Kozi
Variant :Gardenia
Source :Malice Mizer
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Aya Revolution 2009

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Completely lost track of how much time and money I spent on this cosplay!

Most time-consuming part was the ruff--especially since I ran out of trim partway through and also had to unpick it the first time around! It still didn't turn out perfectly in the end =(

Wanted to make this costume since I love the original and have intended to cosplay this for so long!

Overall it was fairly easy to make (besides the white sleeve) but I did learn how to make a fly on trousers!

My only problem when wearing it was not being able to bend my neck too far (and also getting white makeup all over the ruff, argh!)


This was so amazingly fantastic as ever! You have skillzzz

by on Wednesday, 19 August, 2009 - 18:16
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Thank yooou!! You looked fantastic too!

by kdelioncourt on Friday, 21 August, 2009 - 20:51
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My god, you look absolutely stunning!
Amazing~ :)

by Mangafan2000 on Monday, 21 September, 2009 - 18:59

To-Do List

Source fabrics, trims etcHighComplete
Draft patternsHighComplete
Make ruffHighComplete
Make half/half shorts/trousersHighComplete
Make wrist cuffHighComplete
Make main costumeHighComplete
Colour hairHighComplete
Get tightsMediumComplete
Buy glovesMediumComplete


Dyeing hair (Posted 10th August 2009)

It took me two attempts to dye part of my hair red, using three boxes of smart 'intense red' dye. The first attempt came out rather insipid and I managed to miss a whole load of hair so had brown bits everywhere! Managed to dig out an ancient box of dye and somehow that came out better!
Next time I dye my hair I'm going back to good old stargazer, it might wash out quickly but it's so much simpler.

Rough Ruff! (Posted 6th July 2009)

Started making the ruff for this cosplay, got halfway and realised that I wouldn't have enough fabric/trim to sew onto the base. Idiot me.
Don't have enough trim left so just ordered some and only hope it turns up quickly--last time I had to wait at least a week for it to arrive D=

On the plus side, I've put eyelets where eyelets need to be, have black gloves, am waiting for white gloves to arrive, and have finished the tunicy thing. The trousers just need lacing, hemming and...waistband-ing. Which shouldn't take too long, I hope!

Ugh, today is a Cosplay Headache day.

But tomorrow I will pwn those trousers. OYS.

Gloves (Posted 29th June 2009)

At first I was going to make the gloves for this cosplay, since the idea of having to buy two pairs when I only want one from each pair seemed a waste of money. I've made gloves before and figured it'd be cheaper to buy a little bit of fabric and make one white glove, one black glove.
Today I began to make one of said gloves.
And quickly changed my mind.
Now I've bought the black ones from ebay and am looking for white ones. Trying to work with sheer fabric is too damn fiddly and difficult and I seriously lack the patience for it! Bad me.

Finally began to sew... (Posted 10th June 2009)

Only really started on the basic 'tunic' and haven't even put a zip in yet (will have to leave that for Saturday or tomorrow afternoon, I think) The shape on the front was really bloody fiddly! Part of it isn't even sewn properly since it's too awkward to do with the machine--I might sew it by hand eventually, though it's only around 1cm of seam so it isn't necessary. (Me, lazy?!)

Of course, today I also did the pattern for the back of the costume.

And of course, completely forgot that the basic pattern I'm working from is miles too big! Its the same pattern I've used for all of my Kozi cosplays though, so the fact this is the fifth outfit I'm making from it is pretty good!

Hopefully the trims I've ordered from will turn up quickly so I can get on and sew more of the tunic. Meanwhile, I guess I can sort out the shorts-pants part of the costume!