Costume :Shiki
Source :The World Ends With You
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2008

Costume Photos

TEWEY - Players group pic

Shiki reference 01


Costume Information

Shiki, main girl from the game The World Ends With You on the DS.

Another street-slag to add to my repatoire! Oh dear ^^; I already had the green skirt and it seemed relatively easy to buy or modify the rest, which is
attractive as I'm a really unorganised and unmotivated costume maker.

In progress right now, with a week and a half to go. God bless eBay.


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To-Do List

Order boots or make bootcovers, adding yellow stripesHighIn Progress
Buy brown and white suedette, build on top of hat bought from H&MHighIn Progress
Shorten green denim skirt I already haveHighPlanned
Make super-street yellow and white hoody - need yellower fabric??HighPlanned
Bosh together a orange/black topHighPlanned
Order wrist-bands, Player pins and wig off eBayLowComplete
Bumbag - bought cheapish (£10) from Claire's Accessories, cut off crap trim. Need to add zip detail.LowIn Progress
Buy/make necklaceLowPlanned
Style wigLowPlanned


Tick-tock... (Posted 15th October 2008)

Right, so it's Thursday a week before LondonExpo and I'm procrastinating by updating on the site instead of actually sewing! :)

I planned to get the hoody done in the evenings this week and then the boots, hat, top at the weekend, but I now think the yellow fabric I got is far too pale. More cream then yellow and doesn't match my wristbands at all (which I just received today from eBay). So I need to have a rushed search in Tooting on Sat and probably end up working into the evenings next week, le sigh. But if I get patterns done and as much else as I can now, that should make it more manageable.

Managed to find a suitable bag to modify (a shoulder bag, with the strap shortened to fit snugly on the hips) and lucked across some really suitable browne suede boots on ebay, they have a wedge heel (not pointy) and actually turnover at the top. Lucky! I was dreading making boot covers for the first time. So the most tricky bit now will be making the hat, but that's just covering a soft hat with a visor I got from H&M.

So the next couple of nights, pattern making. Saturday I need to buy suedette and yellow fabric and awayy I go. Yosh!

Was planning to make this anyway, but found out now that some of my friends are doing the Reaper characters, so that should be fun.