Costume :Arlin
Variant :Swordsman
Source :Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Shirt and trousers

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Good findings on this so far ^_^ Hope to play this game some day soon, the girls in it are so cute, Raye Raye may find one I want to do :3

by Raye-chan on Wednesday, 22 February, 2012 - 22:21
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You liked the look of Lita, I think...(I think).
I think you'd look great as her!

It's a bit childish in some areas and some sound effects, but it's a great little RPG!

by SlimDefinition on Wednesday, 22 February, 2012 - 22:29
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oooh thats a lovely wig. looks perfect for Arlin.

by yami-no-neko on Tuesday, 13 March, 2012 - 17:44
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Thanks. ^^'

It's actually lighter than it shows in that photo. The ipod doesn't take great photos really. It's 51 inches long! ;-)

by SlimDefinition on Tuesday, 13 March, 2012 - 17:47

To-Do List

Buy clip-on earringsMediumComplete
Buy 51 inch jade wigMediumComplete
Buy dark grey shirtMediumComplete
Buy red combat style trousersMediumComplete
Buy red bootsMediumComplete
Buy gold circle hair pinMediumComplete
Style wigMediumIn Progress
Buy/Make leather belts and straps etcMediumPlanned
Buy pendant for chokerMediumPlanned
Add white detail to shirtMediumPlanned
Buy leather chokerLowComplete
Buy leather chokers (two for arm-bands)LowPlanned
Make weaponsLowPlanned


Wig Arrival (Posted 13th March 2012)

The wig finally arrived. I was getting a little worried about it up until now. I've just trimmed up the fringe, and soon I'll be winding the top half up into the wrap-ponytail.

I need to get some white fabric and velcro to do the details on the shirt with.
I also must find some suitable red boots!

A few bits bought (Posted 15th February 2012)

I've just bought a wig for Arlin, along with a dark grey shirt and red trousers.
His costume looks pretty simple, but there are a lot of small fiddly details to consider.

Anyone seen this guy? (Posted 21st December 2011)

He's a powerful swordsman in Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. The outfit itself is really quite simple: dark grey shirt with a white collar, red trousers and red shoes for the basics, along with a VERY long jade coloured wig.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some parts for him shortly.