Costume :Lady Smith Splicer
Variant :Blonde/Green Plaid Dress/The Rapture Family
Source :Bioshock 2
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Reference Board - Lady Smith Splicer


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Cost : 111.13

Bioshock is one of my favourite videogames, it's just so visually stunning. I also want to cosplay another splicer, possibly a Big Daddy and at least one Little Sister variant (though probably several).


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White seamed stockings£3.00To Buy
Corset or materials to make corset£11.00To Buy


"I dreamed I went to a masquerade in my Maidenform bra..." (Posted 4th November 2012)

Yeah... found this while looking for a vintage corselette/bullet bra pattern to follow. How Bioshock is that genuine 50's/60's ad for Maidenform bras?

Underwear Reference (Posted 4th November 2012)

Bullet-bra and french knickers ftw! From what I can tell, Lady Smith splicers appear to wear sort of corselette/corset/girdle and presumably bullet bra with brief-type (but still frilly) knickers and an over slip, though the underwear isn't really exactly period accurate in the actual design and the way that the bulging flesh and protruding backbone has ripped through the clothing doesn't actually make sense physics-wise, vis-a-vis bra and corset science...

Mask Reference - Cult of the Blue Butterfly (Posted 4th November 2012)

The in-game mask is different from the version they released as a prop/toy for some reason. I'm going for something that looks more like the Blue Morpho Butterfly that represents the Rapture Family and less like a sort of smooshed, green bit of playdough...

Reference Board - Lady Smith Splicer (Posted 4th November 2012)

Bioshock 2. I'm doing the green check dress/blonde version as I think I'll suit it better overall.