Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Variant: Summer Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

26th February 2013: Finishing Touches I bit the bullet and cut the ponytail with no problems. Decided to leave it loose till the con and tie on the day so it would be neat.

Painted up the camera with acrylic and added some weathering on the deep grooves. I would have liked to sand it more, but I ran out of time so this is as smooth as it gets :)

10th December 2012: Ear Tufts Trimmed up the little tufty ear bits and curled them under with heat and hairspray.
I'm nervous about starting the ponytail, it means cutting so much off :/

10th November 2012: Camera Priming All the gesso, all the sanding, all the time!

12th August 2012: Creepy Camera! It's starting to look scary now. Sanding is finished, details carved in and the front/back panels cut from craft foam. Having to wait forever for the glue to dry as you can't use anything solvent based on this foam :(

Glass animal eye borrowed from Fatkraken and the broken bead from my first failed earring attempt found a use (backed with foil to catch the light).

10th August 2012: Fringe One row at a time I removed the curlers and brushed the hair out to where I wanted it to sit.
I've left it a little longer than it needs to be so I have room if I decide to make it curl more. Need to work on the ends a bit more, they're still too straight where they've been cut.

10th August 2012: Quiff Time Many curlers, all the hairspray! I sectioned the fringe up into curler sized rows, went crazy with the hairspray and used the hairdryer on low to set it.

1st August 2012: Wig Partitioning Tonight I divided the wig up into the ponytail, ear tufts and fringe before lopping off everything in the fringe section to a more manageable length. Plaited the ponytail up to keep it out of the way as I won't need to work with it for a while.

After much swapping hair around I went with a triangle of hair for the fringe base. Annoyingly the skin top doesn't go as far to the side as I'd like so it stops a bit early. Hoping it won't look so central when it's styled up as there's a lot more hair to one side.

It makes me think of a green haired Katniss XD

31st July 2012: Skirt Hemmed I picked a length to hem the skirt and lining, so that's all done now :)
It's a real hobble skirt of a shape. I certainly won't be doing any running in this, tiny steps ladies.

Also added some darts in the back of the shirt to stop it bagging over the top of the skirt.

30th July 2012: Bow Tie Luckily I already had some pink lining fabric I could use for the tie. To keep it as easy as possible to wear on the day (and because there's no visible bow tails) I sewed the bow loops in place and I just have to tie it with a 'four in hand' knot so they lay downwards not out to the sides.

Just looked up what that tie knot is called and my goodness there's a lot of ways to knot ties, I've only ever done this one O_O

29th July 2012: Camera Prop Sanding Turns out I was a little optimistic about how quickly the sander could get through this foam, so I went back to the craft knife for the initial bevelling of the edges. Once it was looking much more like this final shape I tried sanding again :)

It was a pain doing that inward curve on the bottom, getting a flat knife angled in there is really fiddly.

22nd July 2012: Camera Prop Carving Took a craft knife to the block and have whittled it down to the basic camera shape. It's important to cut off thin slivers at a time rather than being tempted to try for large chunks as you risk ripping the foam or being forced off the guide lines.
Really glad I did this over a bin liner, it makes so many shavings! Next step sanding.

20th July 2012: Camera Prop Outlines Been musing over the different ways I could make her camera prop and just when I thought I'd decided on one Kat offered me her left over dense foam block. So throw out the ideas, I'm gonna carve it :D

Karen has kindly lent me a glass eye for the creepy robo lense and I've drawn outlines based on the size of that which I can use to template the block.

17th July 2012: Earrings Made some tiny earrings! Actually managed to mess this up once by using jump rings that were too thick and cracked the beads. Second time's the charm.

27th June 2012: Blouse Solution Last night I unpicked the sleeves and cuffs from a cheap school shirt, cut some new sleeves two inches longer and sewed it all back together again like nothing happened.
The trials of saving money vs being long limbed XD

It was pretty interesting to see all the little parts in this way and really easy to line up because all the fiddly bits are already pressed into shape.

29th February 2012: Suit The waistcoat and skirt are mostly done, just need to hem the skirt to length.
Currently this costume hangs on finding a blouse and I'm actually having real trouble finding one that fits the part for a reasonable price. I really don't want to make a blouse when it should be a high street work staple! Cheap blouses at the moment seem to be collarless, patterned or too short in the arms :(

28th January 2012: Thrifty Fabric I cut the waistcoat and skirt out of some fabric already cut for a Roy Mustang jacket that never happened. Luckily I *really* oversized stuff 'just in case' back then! There was a moment where I wasn't sure it was possible, but Kat and her tetris powers came to the rescue!

I already own one skirt pattern that's an A-line style, so I folded the flared sides in to make it a straight skirt and will adjust it to a pencil fit when it's sewn.

For the waistcoat I used the pattern I picked up for Vice; shortening it to just below the waistline and raising the neckline.

I'm still a bit shocked there was enough fabric :D

nert avatar

nert - 28th December 2011

There will be tears of joy when you do this, TEARS I TELL YOU

Uni avatar

Uni - 3rd February 2012
This design is gorgeous! You're going to look so ridiculously ADOURABLE!

Storme avatar

Storme - 30th March 2013
You looked so adorable in this!

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 30th March 2013
This suited you so much! 8D I love it <3