Costume :Alice Liddell
Variant :misstiched dress
Source :Alice Madness Returns (American Mcgee's)
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

progress so far


skirt and underskirt

working on zee skirt!

painted dolls head

dolls head

finally sewed on the collar and ironed :D

Collar finally finished :D

Top half so far

Make up test


Costume Information

Cost : 75 pounds (around 120 bucks canadian)
Time Taken : 10-12 hours

Alice's misstiched dress :D


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looking great :D

by FlyingMammal on Wednesday, 18 April, 2012 - 16:57

To-Do List

sew bottom half of costumeMediumComplete
add ribbon or paint on details on skirtMediumComplete
finish colarLowComplete
sew top half of costumeLowComplete
adjust sleeveLowComplete
make glovesLowPlanned

Shopping List

Doll for the dolls head£9.00Bought
more ribbon for skirt£6.50Bought
Tights£8.00To Buy


LONG TIME NO SEE!! (Posted 18th April 2012)

So I'm slowly getting on my cosplay I sewed on the bottons to the top half and bought my boots! currently gluing the ribbon to the skirt so i can begin sewing the skirt :D still lots to do but I can do it!!!

collar done (Posted 16th November 2011)

finally gettign back on it. made the collar just gotta sew both ends together and attatch to the top peice then get on working on somthin else :D

Startin up (Posted 15th November 2011)

so im slowly getting this thing done for animethon in canada alberta. although i haven't had much ambition the past little while do to work and friends and family. but intendign on getting more done the next 2 days :D