Costume :Sanji (+2014 remake)
Source :One Piece
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2007

Costume Photos

I am pretty

Sanji fails once again

I cans do kick

On the way

Sanji cosplay


Costume Information

JANUARY 2014 - remaking this costume to hopefully attend a One Piece cosplay meet and maybe London Anime Con. The biggest challenge is that I've decided to remake the jacket from scratch to challenge myself.


I've worn this at least three times (London MCM Oct 2007, London MCM Oct 2008 and London MCM Oct 2010). It was my costume I fell back on when I didn't have the ideas/time for anything else (though my wig is a little manky now so if I ever wanted to do him again I'd have to get another one). I found it very comfortable to wear, which can be a real god-send as the day goes on.


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To-Do List

Facial detailLowComplete

Shopping List

Belt buckle£3.50Bought
Tie (already owned)£0.00Bought
Trousers (already owned)£0.00Bought
Black fabric pen£2.49Bought
Shirt buttons£0.36Bought
Shirt fabric£7.76Bought
Jacket buttons£1.00Bought
Jacket interfacing£2.75Bought
Jacket fabric£7.90Bought
Jacket pattern£3.40Bought
Chain£0.00To Buy


Belt! (Posted 25th January 2014)

Looking at screenshot, Sanji wear a belt. It won't be visible unless I remove my jacket, but I like doing the extra details where I can.

This was put together with a denim belt I won from eBay. The buckle was wrong, so I replaced it with one from natk-shop (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141151459795). Painted the end with silver fabric paint and widened the belt loops of my trousers so it would actually fit through.

Wig arrived! (Posted 16th January 2014)

It's a little more golden than I thought it would be, but I'm still really happy with this. Just needs a bit of pinning back and a spritz of hairspray to keep down those stray strands and it's ready to go. Brought from pinganchina2012 on eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111159067296)

Jacket mock-up (Posted 7th January 2014)

Because I thought I would have to alter a pattern more than I actually will, I made a mock-up of the jacket out of muslin fabric. But I'm still glad I did because that's how I found out that some pieces need to be lengthened just a smidge. Plus it gives me a good idea for what I'm doing before cutting into my more expensive suiting fabric.

There are no fastenings and I didn't put it neatly on the dummy. That'll be why it looks a little sloppy in the pic.