Costume :Loki
Source :Thor: Sons of Asgard
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

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I have the graphic novel...Great choice!

by Wyrdsister on Tuesday, 25 October, 2011 - 02:13
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Thank you =3 I bought the graphic novel a few weeks ago and that's what sort of gave me the push to try and cosplay him XD

by FullMetal-007 on Monday, 31 October, 2011 - 19:23

AWESOME!! i love son of asgard

by Know on Tuesday, 20 March, 2012 - 22:12
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Thank you =D *glomp* I thought the illustration was great and just loved Loki's costume.

by FullMetal-007 on Tuesday, 20 March, 2012 - 22:37
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This is brilliant! You have Loki down perfectly. :D It's so nice to see more cosplayers from this series!

by HarryKurt on Tuesday, 5 March, 2013 - 23:49
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Awww thank you =3 really means alot *hugs* And I know I loved this arc, thought the story along with the character design was rather awsome. A friend of mine is doing Sif from the same arc this year for May Expo =)

by FullMetal-007 on Tuesday, 12 March, 2013 - 00:17

To-Do List

wig HighComplete
Olive green trousers/ leggings HighPlanned
green tunic HighPlanned
wrist bands MediumIn Progress
knee length boots MediumPlanned
head band LowPlanned