Costume :Alice Liddell
Variant :Wonderland Dress
Source :Alice: Madness Returns
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon 2015

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Finally got around to playing the game and loved it!
I was immediately drawn to the game, she really reminds me of a grown-up Little Sister in her Wonderland dress!! So i'd really love to do this =)


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I'm going as Alice too, we should get a pic together :)

by indiegeekgirl on Monday, 17 September, 2012 - 09:38

I'll be there as London dressed Alice! Hope to see you there! :D

by Clockwork Fairy on Tuesday, 15 October, 2013 - 15:15
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This looks awesome! Great Alice!

by InfiniteJester on Monday, 9 December, 2013 - 19:28

To-Do List

Buy FabricHighComplete
Vorpal BladeHighComplete
Wig (Borrowed from Alyx)MediumComplete
Omega NecklaceLowComplete
Black & White Striped TightsLowComplete

Shopping List

Poly Cotton Drill (Royal Blue) 2mts£13.95Bought
Plastic Knife (To Modify)£4.99Bought
White Poly Cotton 1.5mts£5.40Bought
Lace Trim£1.50Bought
Dress Zip£1.25Bought
Geo Tri Colour Green Contacts£15.00Bought


Contacts (Posted 7th May 2014)

Finally got around to ordering some Green contacts. These are the Geo Tri Colour lenses in Green, ordered them from

Almost Finished! (Posted 27th September 2012)

Here is the dress basically finished, just need to sew the bands on the sleeves and finish & attach the bow to the back. I won't have the skull on the bow though as again due to time i haven't been able to. But i'm hoping it won't really matter.

The 'blood' is red glass paint which was applied using a small paint brush, wasn't sure if it would work but it came out really well!

Dress Symbols (Posted 27th September 2012)

Made out of black craft foam and glued onto the pockets with fabric glue =)
Thanks to my Dad for making these!

Fail Vorpal Blade (Posted 27th September 2012)

I know it looks nothing like the Vorpal Blade but I simply ran out of time to do anything great with it. Managed to cut the knife down as it was HUGE so its the perfect length detailing or a proper handle. But its better than having no weapon at all so it will do for now until I get around to doing it properly.

Omega Necklace (Posted 27th September 2012)

Made from Fimo clay and spray painted silver with some silver ribbon to tie it with =)

Dress WIP (Posted 24th September 2012)

Dress so far, its just pinned together for the time being but just to show i'm making some progress ^^' The top part needs to be taken in quite a bit but the skirt part is pretty much good to go. Just not sure on the length yet as i'll need to see how high my boots come which i'm still waiting on.

Tomorrow i'll get on with sewing what I can, sort out the sleeves, neck-line and hopefully get the zip in so I can get on with the apron. Still got a fair bit to do but i'm fairly optimistic about getting it done!

Progress 1 (Posted 22nd September 2012)

Pieces all cut out ready to be sewn. I'm using Simplicity Pattern 4136 (Wizard of Oz costume set) which is the same pattern I used for my Little Sister dress. Had to alter the skirt part though as the pattern says to use 6 panels which is WAY too much so using 2 instead and also converted it to A-Line so it will hopefully be a bit more flattering on me.

Vorpal Blade (Posted 21st September 2012)

Again due to money & time Ive bought a plastic Halloween knife to mod for my Vorpal Blade. I'm going to try to paint on the design and add the blood but being plastic I'm not sure if it will work or not. But I'd rather have some form of knife than none at all so it will do for now =) Just hope it gets here in time!

Boots Ordered (Posted 21st September 2012)

These are the boots I have ordered. Due to money & time i'll keep them as they are for now without the buckles. I may need to cut them down a bit at the top as they may be a bit too long, even though they are listed as knee-high. Other than that I think they will look good =)

Fabric (Posted 20th September 2012)

Fabric i'm using:
-Polycotton Drill in Royal Blue for the Dress
-White Polycotton for the Apron & Bow
-Lace Trim for the bottom of the dress
-Interfacing for the Bow

Using Simplicity 'Wizard of Oz' Dorothy costume pattern as a base.

Fabric Samples (Posted 1st September 2012)

Ordered 3 fabric samples for the dress (from FabricUK): Poly Cotton, Poly Cotton Drill & Twill all in Royal Blue.

Once those arrive i'll be able to see which will work best and get to ordering, the colour should be fine for all 3 however.

Also been looking into suitable wigs, found a couple, two of which are from UK based sellers which is always good.