Costume :Rangiku Matsumoto
Variant :Shinigami
Source :Bleach
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


me in my Rangiku wig


Costume Information

Cost : 140$
Time Taken : 2 months

So far i have the Shinigami outfit minus the (Good) vice-captains badge, shoes, zanpakuto. I would also like to invest in a new wig but for now my current wig is fine. i also have the necklace but thats just a minor detail i payed attention to.

i still need to take in the pants and whatnot because it doesnt seem to be form fitting enough around the waist area. i think doing this will also accentuate the bust which...is pretty much gonna fix the entire problem of it being too large.

i wore this for Halloween last year just to take it for a test run to make sure it wasnt too high maintenance and found it was VERRY comfy.


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To-Do List

take in a couple inches on both sides of shirtMediumPlanned
start planning makeup stuffMediumPlanned
buy better wig?LowPlanned
buy shoesLowPlanned
buy badgeLowPlanned
buy zanpakutoLowPlanned