Costume :JC Denton
Variant :Ginger
Source :Deus Ex
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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starting from scratch


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Looking good =]

Can't wait to see it finished!

by Numta on Friday, 2 December, 2011 - 15:33
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Yes! Yes! Yes! JC denton rocked my 2001, top half WIP looks sweet..

by southafrimike on Thursday, 14 March, 2013 - 15:45

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Body Warmer£6.00Bought
Turtleneck Vest£5.00Bought
Craft foam for details£4.00Bought
Props£0.00To Buy


Things to change for October (Posted 15th March 2013)

The current vers of the costume is okay, but I'd like to find my pistol or get a new one in time for October, I need better trousers with sewn on detailing of the leg straps (drop leg holsters?) to keep them more stable.
If possible add some detail to the coat, some kind of sipper like detail is on the sleeves in game so I could probably add that.
Need to find some kind of skin safe silver pen for Augs.
Then it'll be pretty much fine I guess.

Been a while (Posted 14th March 2013)

I moved house and all sorts! But I worked more on this costume to be work in time for the Birmingham MCM! I'll further improve it for the October expo.

Coat work (Posted 7th June 2012)

started taking in the coat to give it more shape and make it less baggy and dull. When taking into account genderswaps It's hard to think what you can change to be more female, without making the character less and less recognisable.
The only real change in this whole outfit will be the coat, the coat can still be have the general features of JC's while sitting more feminine. To do this it's slightly shorter than JC's, reaching just above my knees, rather than by my ankles, and by cinching in the back it adds some pleating and waste hugging shape; giving it a more feminine feel while still maintaining the base appearance - long, dark coat, with a popped collar.

I'll be looking into adding more details that seem visible on JC's coat, like some sleeve detailing etc.

now to play around with keeping that collar upright! the accursed thing. >8I

not much of a change (Posted 26th December 2011)

I got a jacket and a new turtleneck, a better shade of blue. I still need... 7 belts? And some boots! but I have ages yet! Ahaha.

Coming together (Posted 7th December 2011)

This cosplay is admitedly not the most complex thing to put together... trawling ebay for suitable peices of clothing is pretty much all I'm doing.
With just the coat and the turtleneck I'm already seeing this come together pretty well, all I need now is a million and one belts (dayum JC what is it with you and belts! You'd make Kingdom hearts blush)and a jacket to go over my turtleneck.
In game it's some balistics armour, but getting something like that would cost the earth - in DX2 it looks less armour like and more just a sort of bodywarmer, so I'll go for something like that.
Once all the main items of clothing are together I'll start actually doing something craft and make some props! :D