Costume :Jiraiya
Variant :Persona/Yosuke
Source :Persona 4
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

Costume Photos

Jiraiya reference

yosuke Jiraiya reference


Costume Information

Ever since I saw the design for Jiraiya, I wanted to try and make the costume. He's got a funny head, and the costume looks like a nice challenge.
When i started looking for art of Jiraiya, I found the ones of Yosuke Jiraiya,so I plan to do both versions. It will be the Yosuke version first, and if I actually have enough skill I will do the Jiraiya head too.

for the masqurade. provided it gets finished in time


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Oh wow this will be amazing and different i cannot wait to see it <3

by Solaria on Tuesday, 18 October, 2011 - 17:48
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oooo cant wait to seee this

by CGOPbleachbabe on Tuesday, 18 October, 2011 - 20:07

This looks really cool~ Can't wait to see more :D

by The_Deadly_Unicorn on Tuesday, 14 October, 2014 - 06:20

To-Do List

jump suitHighIn Progress
chest armourHighPlanned
HeadMediumIn Progress

Shopping List

camoflauge material£3.00Bought
red material£4.50Bought
white material£15.00Bought
buckles£0.00To Buy
foam board£0.00To Buy
Styrofoam£0.00To Buy


slowley but surely (Posted 3rd April 2013)

It's been slow progress geting this done. I decided rather than buying a lining fabric I would doubble up the fabric I had. Working with so many layers of white material did get confusing. At one point I pinned the leg holes together turning it into some wierd white robe but I eventually got it right. Now I need to sew it, run it through a machine ad add the zip. Then I can get to work of the accessories and head.

pattern on it's way (Posted 19th December 2012)

finally got round to ordering my pattern. Hopefully it should work well. it's a 70's style to give the ends a bit of flare. I also bought some camoflage for the bottom of the jump suit but I am stil undecided on the fabric. teh problem with white it it's quite transparent, and if i'm doing on stage wiht all the lights, I don't really wanna be showing everything that is under the costume. So i'm gonna have to find a good material that is slightly streachy, and then by a fairly decent lining. I have never been good a lining things I usualy screw it up, but I want this one to be as neat as I can so I am gonna have to read up on how to do it properly to give a proffesional finish

extra long scarf (Posted 21st August 2012)

So, It's about time I got this started. I decided rather than tackling the head straight away, the easiest thing to start with was the scarf. It's about 3 meters long and about the width of an A4 sheet of paper. The material is doubled over because I couldn't afford to make one long scarf, so I bought 1 and a half meters and cut it lenght ways to make two pieces and attached them together so I could hide the stitching in the inside.

So far I've been looking at jumpsuit patterns on the net, and I have found one that I think will work. I've also found the white material I am going to use. It's quite transpaternt, so I'm gonna have to wear stuff under it so you don't see straight through to my underwear, but it's the type of material I want. it's slightly streachy, which is what I want for a jump suit... I think.

I still haven't found a good enough match for the camoflage fabric yet, but it's early days.