Costume :Sailor Venus
Source :Sailor Moon
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Cost : £40


Well, My Millia Rage wig should be arriving soon and I was trying to think of ways to re-use it. I already know I'm probably going to cosplay K (gravitation) with it one day, but I still wanna do more!
Then it hit me, like a bus speeding down a motor way!
Who better to cosplay that my childhood heroine - Sailor Venus!


I've always wanted to cosplay a Sailor Scout. But I can't sew, and I've never claimed I can sew, so I am gunna buy it from ebay UNLESS I can find a suitable pattern for the leotard. I'm planning on purchasing after Expo (not sure when I'm gunna wear it exactly), but I'll be looking out for a leotard pattern, just in case (sewing it from scratch would be so much cheaper ): )


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hey if you want a very simple pattern to use for a scout costume then is the one to use, Kwiksew pattern 2932 ^-^. This is the first ever pattern I used, and takes only a couple of hours to make the leotard...just if you decide to use it lengthen the skirt. and heres a link for how to make bows and the sailor top part and the sleeves I hope this helps you :)

by angel aiko on Sunday, 28 September, 2008 - 10:57
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eeeeeee id love to see this !!!
yay SAILOR V!!!!!!!!

by misfit_mosher on Tuesday, 22 June, 2010 - 02:18
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:O please cosplay K XD
someday D:!

by misfit_mosher on Saturday, 26 June, 2010 - 13:41

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