Costume :Nanoha Takamachi
Variant :Barrier jacket
Source :Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Nanoha and Fate, 1st Movie Reference 2

Nanoha and Fate, 1st Movie Reference


Costume Information


Well, I promised angelic-cat15 that I WILL cosplay as Nanoha for whenever she cosplays as Fate because we are both huge Nanoha fans and talked about doing Nanoha cosplays for ages and looks as though this will eventually happen next year, hence this has become my un-intential Nanoha cosplay for 2012. On top, Spirit_of_the_Stage has always been interested to cosplay as Yuno and agreed to do this with me too, so yeys for finidng Nanoha cosplayers in advance.

Since angelic-cat15 choosen to cosplay as the 1st Movie version of Fate, it makes more sense to cosplay as the 1st movie version of Nanoha, so our outfits match.

I plan to make Raising Heart in Cannon mode and probably buy a Yuno plushie for this cosplay.

Planned dates and events for this cosplay will be....
- London Expo May 2012 masquerade with angelic-cat15 as Fate
- AmeCon 2012 masquerade with Spirit_of_the_stage as Yuno and probably a few other friends joining.


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To-Do List

Black topHighIn Progress
Barrier jacketHighPlanned
WigMediumIn Progress
Hair ribbonsMediumPlanned
Raising heart (Cannon mode)LowIn Progress


Fabric (Posted 25th November 2011)

I seriously thought I had enough fabric left over from my Nanoha Force cosplay since I brought extra for whenever I make my StrikerS costume, however it turns out it will be used for Nanoha Movie version since I promised I will do this for angelic_cat15 in 2012.

Following fabrics in the photo are:-
- Spare white klona cotton from my Nanoha Force costume
- blue cotton @ £4.99 per m
- Spare interfacing from various costumes

(still yet to find some spare black fabric left over from my Fate/Rachel cosplay)

Wig WIP (Posted 14th November 2011)

Wig is brought from Ebay for £13.56. I was hesitant to buy the wig because with a low price, will this mean the wig is low quality? 'm really fussy when it comes to bad quality wigs because it will make my cosplay look bad and may result in digging out more money to buy another wig, however after hearing good feedback from the seller, I decided to go ahead with the wig.

When wig arrived, the quality is medium which pretty much makes me happy enough to keep the wig.Another thing is that I LOVE THE COLOUR! it's so prefect! Also, the wig will require styling as the pigtails are too long and I will need to make them defy gravity.