Costume :arthur kirkland/ united kindom
Variant :red coat/ revolutionary war
Source :Hetalia Axis Powers
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London Anime Con 2011

Costume Photos

revwar expo may11



Costume Information

Cost : just under £20 for wig, already ahd fabric, but a few pounds for ribbon
Time Taken : 2 days?

this was a costume that originally i was not planning to do, i had most of an italy cosplay all set to wear at mays con.
unfortunatly as most of you know, plans dont always go ahead, stuff happens, in my case i got injured during a practical pe exam and had to take time off of school... this meant nothing to do, this meant this cosplay was born.

i already had ordered a wig for england as i was planning on cosplaying him in the future, the wig i used was actually specific to shizuo from durarara and not england.

i searched through my boxes of fabric to find what i had, with limited funds at the time it was all i could do. In one of the boxes i found a load of red. had some thought and after a time decided upon red coat or revolutionary war england.

it took me about 2 days to complete in total.

one thing i would love to do it sort the wig as i had no time with exams to fully style it before the day.


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