Costume :Spirit Albarn
Source :Soul Eater
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Minami Con 17 (2011)

Costume Photos

Fucking... ow!

Well the teachers should get to look taller anyway.



Wait, there's FREE booze at this thing?

DANG GIRL YOU COOL want to get a drink some time?

MMMMM nicotine.



Spirit being a grouch

Spirit Reference Sheet

Manga Spirit


Costume Information

Cost : £25
Time Taken : Ten hours

Spirit's just great fun, isn't he? I love the fop characters, and it was really nice to play somebody older for a change. I put this costume together on a tight budget. The trousers were just a cheap pair from MacKays that I bought for a job interview. The jacket was a perk from my work at Barnardos (it was going to the sale rail in another town, but my boss gave it to me after I did a bunch of extra work for her.) The shirt is from eBay - it was originally from H&M. I did the embroidery myself - I've never really embroidered before, so it was hard to know what to do! I quite like the result, though.
The wig was a nice Chinese one from eBay - about £15. If I wore this costume again, I'd cut the fringe a little shorter - it fell forward a lot during the day. Problem was, I cut it on my Stein the night before - and she was falling asleep.
I didn't bind for this one, because I was bound the day before, and planning to the day after. It's really noticable in a few shots, but I couldn't keep doing that to my poor boobs. I needed a nice comfortable costume to wear on the second day, though.
The boots are my Doc Martens from when I used to work at Cheddar Caves. Good, tough boots - and they gave my feet that nice rounded Soul Eater look. (Also I was kind of hoping they'd help my tiny girlish fives pass for something a bit chunkier).
I made the tie out of an old pair of school uniform trousers that I'd been hanging onto. It's a little bit messy around the edges, but I quite like how it came out.

With thanks to my dear friends who came with me as Soul, Death the Kid and Stein - and to the new friend I made on the day, Maka. We had great fun with a very silly imprompteau bit in the Masquerade, too short to be a skit, really. I haven't managed to get a good quality video - if anybody filmed our piece, I'd love to see it properly.


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