Costume :Psycho
Variant :Regular
Source :Borderlands
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Paintjob - Mask


Mask - Unpainted, unmodified




Costume Information

Cost : 40 pounds
Time Taken : Two hours so far?

I chose to start on this costume because I'm a massive video game geek, and my body is built in a similar fashion as that of the Psycho. I won't be going completely bald, though! All the supplies are ordered at the time I'm writing this, and the boots are partially finished. This costume was pretrty cheap economy-wise, but will probably take up quite a few hours.

I'll be wearing this at Facts '11, so you might be able to spot me there.


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To-Do List

Mask - Modifying, adding gogglesHighComplete
Mask - PaintingHighComplete
Shin guards - PaintingMediumComplete
Kneecap - PaintingMediumComplete
Pants - Modifying, adding supports for the beltsMediumPlanned
Wrist protector - Painting, tapingLowComplete
Boots - Slight paintingLowComplete
Weapon - Optional, if there's much time leftLowComplete
Mask - EyebrowsLowPlanned

Shopping List

Paint (x2)£10.00Bought
Belts (x6)£10.00Bought
Protectors (x6)£0.00Bought
Estimated shipping total£15.00Bought
White tape£0.00Bought


16 days left (Posted 6th October 2011)

Still waiting for the pants. Painted everything in the meantime. The mask still needs eyebrows, and I might hit some of the props with some sandpaper if they turn out too bright.

18 days left (Posted 4th October 2011)

Got everything in the mail now, except for the pants. Going to start working on the mask tomorrow with LucyBee (

This is actually going to be finished in time. I am amazed.

19 days left (Posted 3rd October 2011)

The deadline is on the 22nd of October. 19 days, currently waiting for my stuff to arrive. I'll be piecing it together as soon as it comes in, but everything is ordered from a different manufacturer. Shame, since I'm really looking forward to start working on the mask.