Costume :Random steam punk creation commission
Source :Steam Punk!
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2011

Costume Photos

top half of the costume final

hat with veil detail

basic hat

mask chin detail

mask cheek detail

mask upper detail

Progress middle of working

The original Plan of the mask

mask progress

face mould plus mask outline

face mould


Costume Information

Cost : £34.49 (ish)
Time Taken : 14 hours to make, application and dressing took about an hour and a half.

I got a steam punk commission a while ago from my little sister who then told me she wanted to wear it for may expo 2011 on the saturday.
So the main feature was the mask

the majority of accessories were borrowed from me.
she wore

Dress - family heir loom (from the time when size 13 existed with a 24 inch waist)
Pocket Watch - £10 camden market
vile of vampyre blood - £5 steam punk stall at october mcm expo 2010
(dress didn't take time to make, but took about half an hour to dress her in)

Mask -
clock parts - my mum works with clocks and gave me a bunch of old clock parts
metal mesh - dad found in his shed
super glue - 20 pack for £1 in a pound shop in peckham
UHU rubber glue - no idea, but it's from a hardware shop.
(6 hours ish? something like that, on and off)

Hat itself - £1 h&m. butchered it removed the sequinned bow and the tacky veil.
Broach - found it in the attic. needed to cover a glue splodge i couldn't remove
chain veil - 2 metres of chain, £2.50 from rolls and rems in lewisham.
(between 4 and five hours)

Fake blood on arm - £1 at halloween from sainsburies or something.
foundation over rubber glue - sisters own
spirit gum - £5.99 from screen face
spirit gum remover (sensitive) - £8 from screen face

the arm piece took about 3 or 4 hours, then adding the colour and stuff took another half hour, and application took roughly half an hour (mainly because it was modelled on my arm... which is apparently a completely different shape to hers)

mask no longer exists as my sister didn't understand the remover for the spirit gum and tore it off her face piece by piece (ouch!)

She lost the hat (and a china doll that almost completely matched her costume) on the train back (wasn't pleased because the veil on that hat took 4 hours, and the doll was antique)

The arm piece is still around but I'm not sure when I'll get to use it again.

I got so hyped about this costume, and i really enjoyed making the mask
little hint, don't talk on the phone when working with superglue... I may have glued my hand to my face several times :P


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Shopping List

2 or 3 metres of black chain for the veil£2.49Bought
black fascinator hat£1.00Bought
some larger clock dials and faces£2.00Bought
Large pack of super glue£1.00Bought
spirit gum£6.99Bought