Maka Albarn
Soul Eater

Cosplayer: dan-dan

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

3rd April 2012: making the maka scythe this is how i made the scythe

1 - started by destroying 2 smaller scythes (one was broken already) and i fitted the good one in the broken part of the broken one (if that makes sense) and then secured them with duct tape

2 - made the blade of the scythe bigger with cardboard then i papered mached the whole of it i cut the bottom of it as its kind sharp and not safe, it also made the wepon slightly smaller and eaiser to travel

3 - added the grey paint first and letted that dry and then i added the red paint on, had to add 4 layers as u could see the newspaper until the 4th layer

4 - added the black paint now (only needed 1 layer as it was a dark colour)

5 - added souls eyes on to the neck bit and then it was complete

time taken - 1 month (wouldve taken less but only had my days off from college to complete it)

BluePanda avatar

BluePanda - 9th March 2012
my Maka *hugs*

dan-dan avatar

dan-dan - 9th March 2012
lolz thanks

XxOtakuChiceexX avatar

XxOtakuChiceexX - 20th March 2012
The scythe looks great so far :D