Costume :Kanade Tachibana
Source :Angel Beats
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

Costume Photos


Happy Tenshi

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Kanade On a Rock


Costume Information

Cost : £69.08
Time Taken : 5 Hours (Approximately)

Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats, otherwise known as Angel or Tenshi. I would have liked to do a Guard Skill:Hand Sonic version or even with wings but I literally did not have the time. It was fun to wear, although a bit awkward because the length of the wig was ridiculous. I had to brush it several times just to get the knots out before I wore it.

Had to do a lot of sewing once more to get this ready for Kitacon. I had to sew a black lining onto the collar, pockets and sleeves of the blazer, which took a while and is a bit hasty but it didn't look too bad. I also had to sew some black buttons onto the blazer.

The tie/necklace thingy that she wears was a bit awkward. In the end I glued the bow style together so that I wouldn't have to worry about it coming undone. The wig was a little too fringy, so I clipped it back in order to be able to see. I am a little disappointed that I couldn't do the wings but that's for another time I guess.

This was fun and nice to do a cosplay somewhere other than Expo, and because of the shoes it didn't hurt my feet so much XD. There is an awesome picture of me playing HOTD2 in this as well and this was a very fun and easy - bar the awkward sewing - cosplay to do.


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Woot Angel Beats FTW!!! XD

by Eevee on Wednesday, 21 September, 2011 - 15:08

To-Do List

Sew Black Material to BlazerHighComplete
Buy White BlouseMediumComplete
Buy White BlazerMediumComplete
Buy Plain Knee Length White SocksLowComplete
Buy Medium Length Silver WigLowComplete
Glue White Ribbon to Oval StoneLowComplete
Borrow Black ShoesLowComplete

Shopping List

Cream Blazer£10.39Bought
Black Pleated Mini Skirt£5.98Bought
Medium Length Silver Wig£21.43Bought
Knee High White Socks£2.95Bought
Cream Ribbon£0.35Bought
Red Oval Marble£1.99Bought
White Shirt£21.99Bought
Black Material£4.00Bought


All Sewing Finally Finished (Posted 7th April 2012)

So I've sewed all the black parts of Angel's jacket on, doesn't look too bad but I need to improve my sewing XD. Also glued the ribbon onto the stone and left it out to dry now. Angel Beats complete!

Other Bits (Posted 21st March 2012)

Shirt bought and arrived so lovely. Also bought me some black material so that I can customise the jacket to fit with Angel's school outfit. I am borrowing shoes off a friend (yay) and have got the ribbon and ordered the stone for her strange tie thingy. Anything else? No I think apart from the ribbon/tie making and sewing I'm almost done!

Wig and Socks Arrived (Posted 25th February 2012)

No wig cap with the wig, so I'll have to use the one that came with my Kallen wig. The socks are socks will be oO. Wig is super long though and seems to take some maintenance, so I won't be wearing it very often before the actual event XD.

Cosplay Bits Arrived (Posted 21st September 2011)

Just had to sign for them this morning recorded delivery. I accidentally sent them home as opposed to my term time address so parents had to send them but they both fit! Look good I just need to add the black trimmings to the blazer and the skirt is so short! Hopefully it won't be windy X_X.