Costume :Romeo Candolebonte Montague
Variant :Montague ceremony
Source :Romeo x Juliet
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2009

Costume Photos

A helping hand

Save Juliet!


Shakespeares house

Raising swords

Montagues and Capulets sword

Hands together

Lady Macbeth


Romeo Reference

Montague v.s Capulet



Costume Information

Cost : £57.54
Time Taken : 10 hours (not including drying time)

My friend Tsuchinoko wanted to cosplay as Juliet & she thought it would be cool if she could have a Romeo with her. Since I love the RomeoxJuliet Amine, I really wanted to be her Romeo XD!

This will be my first crossplay and I can't wait to debut this costume. We are hoping to debut the costumes on the next few events we will attend together, which will probably be London Expo May 09 and AyaCon 09 (probably FuyuCon 09 depending if we can both attend)

Problem is that I'm about 2cm shorter then my friend, but most people don't notice unless we stand back-to-back, so I can possibly get away with it.

16/05/09 ~ Costume is now complete & ready for May's Expo, however I still need to make the accessories though I doubt I will make them since the navy jacket will cover them. All thats left is the sword and I hope my friend would have finished her Juliet costume.


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Ooh, the progress pic looks good.
Really looking forward to doing these cosplays =D

by Tsuchinoko on Wednesday, 17 December, 2008 - 23:00
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ya don't worry, you'll be the first to know when I'll cosplay as Umi^___^

and I have seen a picture of yer Romeo costume somewhere and it sure is great, first time seeing yuo crossplay lol

by Anime_Angel on Sunday, 19 April, 2009 - 13:56
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lol You're on here quick.
Anyway doing these cosplays was a lot of fun, thankies for cosplaying as Romeo =3

by Tsuchinoko on Monday, 25 May, 2009 - 21:22
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You were scarily good as Romeo - and I will get you back for trying to kill me on the bridge...^^

by Spirit Of The Stage on Tuesday, 2 June, 2009 - 21:56
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Yey, you got the Stratford pics up =^_^=
I like the ''Raising Swords'' one the best.

Such a good place for an RxJ shoot ^^

by Tsuchinoko on Sunday, 23 August, 2009 - 14:39
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Yeah, the raising swords is my fave pic too.

The rest of the pics will be on my FB if you want the full sized pic, email or MSN me.

by Ichigo-Chan on Monday, 24 August, 2009 - 19:41
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Such a cute pair! It's a wonderful costume, you've made me want to watch this anime now ^^

by Amy-Lou on Monday, 14 September, 2009 - 20:07
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Oh, I remember seeing this! You were lovely as him, and it was lovely to see some Romeo x Juliet cosplayers.

by phalor on Monday, 23 November, 2009 - 12:46

cool Romeo

by Dark_Angel_15 on Sunday, 9 May, 2010 - 15:40

To-Do List

Make topHighComplete
Buy wigHighComplete
Buy boots & add the flapsMediumComplete
Buy/make white trousersMediumComplete
Buy/make white lris'LowComplete
Make swordLowComplete
Buy/make white glovesLowComplete
Make accessoriesLowIn Progress


Romeo sword (almost done!) (Posted 17th May 2009)

Yey! I've made a lot of progress within 24 hours, but damn Eurovision song contest for being at the same time when I'm deeply in the cosplay mood so it took 3 hours of my time. Also today it was my cousins birthday party which killed half of my time with cosplay. Why do things happen so closely to the Expo???

Romeo's sword is almost complete. I need to tidy up the paint work and add a wing sculpture at the end of the sword handle. *panics* less then a week and still need to work on Juliets sword.

Swords 80% (Posted 16th May 2009)

Oh noes! Exactly a week left before May's Expo and I still have not finished the swords >.<" Well at least the costume is finished, but still have not made the accessories.

The sword handle is almost completed. I need to add the gems and details which are in progress & I am feeling impatient because it takes forever for paint & paper marche to dry. Should hopefully be in time for Mays Expo ^_^

In between the photo was taken at night with the flash on, so the lighting is REALLY bad. It makes the swords look shiny with wrinkles >.<"

On the other note, my friend Tsuchinoko has found some fake white flowers which are similiar to white Iries, so I will have all the props which I need for the Expo

Applique (Posted 26th April 2009)

I finished the applique at the back of the navy blue coat and it turned out better then expected. It took approximtely just over an hour.

Costume is finished apart from the accessories which I probably won't bother making because it's hidden underneath the blue coat and I personally think it's kinda pointless making it when nobody is going to see it.

Now I can concentrate on trying to get the swords completed on time, plus style the Juliet wigs.

Sword!!!! (Posted 25th April 2009)

*Panics* only a month before the Expo and I only just started working on the sword. Probably a really bad idea to start so late since no prop making experince + lazyiness + last minute = terrible scruffy sword.

The blades are made out of blasa wood. I cutted and sanded down the wood to make the edges look sharp and it was such a tedious job. Bah! took approximately 2 hours to sand down one sword! The sword handle was tricky, since I was dreading the get the shape right. I experimented using different materials and ended up using foam, alummin wire, hemp, hot glue gun masking tape, newspaper and PVA glue just to make the handle. At least I finally got somewhere.....

If your wondering why I'm making 2 swords, it's because one is for Romeo and the other is for Juliet. I will let my friend Tsuchinoko borrow my Juliet sword whlist I'm cosplaying as Romeo, just hope she don't break my precious sword lol Btw the sword on the top is for Romeo and the sword at the bottom is for Juliet.

Overall I'm not 100% happy with the progress. The swords are too short and the sword handle is a little wrinkled, but I guess I have to accept what I've done so far. You can't expect anything more from someone who is rubbish at making props!!!

Progress 65% (Posted 9th February 2009)

About time I make more progress, but I'm still working very slow <.< I went shopping between my lunch break at work and brought white &amp; gold ribbons for the lining of the top and vest. I also started to work on the navy vest and the white collar was made from left over fabric from my Ashe/Garnet cosplays (yey for saving abit of money)so far I'm actually quite pleased with the overall look of the costume because it's begining to look like Romeo. After worrying so much about looking too much like a girl, I looked slightly less girly now lol

Things to do...
~ Applique the Montague logo on the back of navy vest
~ Finish the sleeves
~ Add flaps on the boots
~ Add details on the navy vest
~ Make sword (I'm sooooo scared since this is my first attempt of making a prop)
~ Buy or make white Iris'

Costume should be completed by London Expo, but I still think I need to work faster since I have not even started on my costumes for AyaCon *panics* (blames work on everything lol)

Progress 25% (Posted 7th December 2008)

Finally brought all the materials needed for this cosplay expect for some gold fabric for the lining of the navy vest because all I could remember is 3 different shades of blue for Romeo's costume. The fabric which I choosen is Cotton Canvas for the top. I really wanted the navy blue vest to be made out of velvet *drools* but it was too expensive and wayyyy over my budget, so I had to stick with the more cheaper cotton canvas @ £3.99 per meter. I started to work on the top, which is now almost complete apart from adding on the white lining using 6cm wide white ribbon.

To save money I am going to re-use my Sakura DragonFly race gloves and my Sakura Taisen white trousers, however I may go out shopping looking for better trousers because the Sakura trousers are a little tight and it shows the shape of my legs (I think my legs look too girly for Romeo lol)

The photo shows how my cosplay looks like so far with everything put together (ignore the sleeves as they are not part of the costume) & still not happy with my first crossplay. I seriously never knew that crossplaying was harder then expected, plus I look too much of a girl to crossplay as Romeo lol! Hopefully I can work something out before the Expo.

Boots (Posted 13th November 2008)

Since it's winter, I started to look around in the shops in search for Romeo's boots as I know if I leave it too late in Spring, I'll probably have no chance in finding the perfect pair in time for May. The boots were more difficult to find then expected because it seems as though almost all of the boots I saw were either high heels, too girly, too much pattern or the faric doesn't look right. I was trying to keep a budget of under £20 as my bank balance is hurting as usual >.<" so after about a month of searching, I finally brought a pair of plain black boots from Primark for £15 however I need to add the flaps which shouldn;t be too difficult (I hope)

So now on my way to the next stage of this cosplay. I am going to buy the fabric for the top this week to get started. Probably go to Fancy silk stores as they have thousands of fabric and I need 3 different shades of blue.

Good news is that if I can get this cosplay finished in time, then it will be for the London Expo May 09, AyaCon 09 and maybe FuyuCon 09 too *Looks at Tsuchinoko* You better have your Juliet in progress or rather finished soon!!!

Wig (Posted 29th October 2008)

I finally have got my wig. Actually I brought it about a month ago, but had to send it to my friends house since I don't trust my family being the first person to reach the parcel. I had to meet my friend at Octobers Expo to collect the wig from her.

The photo shows wig, though it looks kind of weird since I am holding it and not placing it on my head. I did tried the wig and I look like a very girly Romeo.... oh dear not a good sign for my first crossplay, but it maybe because I was wearing girly clothing whlist wearing the wig lol. Hopefully I won't look too much like a girl once I progress on the costume.

This cosplay won't be put into progress until I exactly start working on the costume. I really can't wait to do this cosplay with my friend Tsuchinoko as Juliet.