Costume :Koharu Kusumi
Variant :Tan Tan Taan! costume
Source :Kirarin Revolution
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Sailor Moon meets Rainbow Brite


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I'm on a Koha streak! saaave meee!

I love the new Tan Tan Taan costumes. for Milky Way's new single. it's so cute. i just hope the song is as good as the outfits. xD

these costumes are just full of win.

it'll probably be a while before i do this one though. >w<


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Uwaaah! I love these costumes too!
So cute~~ Can't wait to see progress!

by iggie on Thursday, 18 September, 2008 - 18:45


Thoughts.... (Posted 29th September 2008)

So after watching the Tan Tan Taan! PV that was released.... yesterday about 100 times. i have concluded that the coloured stripes are made from some kind of shiney/plasticy fabric..... looks like PVC. a for the rest of the outfit, the blue material looks like an imitation denim... and the pink parts are from the same pink fabric. need a closer look though as it has a kind of pattern on that i can't really see....... think it's small white dots.... we'll see....