Costume :Sailor Uranus
Variant :Eternal
Source :Sailor Moon
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Uranus with venus

outer senshi



Costume Information

For Angel Aiko's Eternal Sailor Moon group next october! ^_^

Swapped with Monkey, i was originally gonna be Mars because she already called shotgun on Uranus but said she didn't mind swapping. thank you so much!

Can't wait to start work on this. already got the leotard to mess around with. ^^
i did have gloves for my other sailor uranus but this one needs much longer gloves.... T_T *goes hunting*

~ Navy Blue Fabric
~ Navy Blue netting
~ White/Blonde short wig
~ Tiara and Brooch
~ Transformation wand
~ Loooong white socks (cheaper than boots)
~ Navy Ribbon


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X3 I hope you're still my Uranus. Like you i wont be doing Neptune in October so next year definately? Cause im doing all versions with yoU! If thats still ok ^^;

by Solaria on Wednesday, 17 September, 2008 - 18:07
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Yes we shall 8D
And we should get the bracelets from galaxia 8D xD
The boots were comissioned for me. At a charge of £25 worth it as the boots are worth a bit more and they're easy to walk it =3

by Solaria on Thursday, 18 September, 2008 - 16:13