Costume :Lightning
Variant :3rd alternate costume/DLC costume
Source :Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Event photo taken by NicYoon


Costume Information

Cost : 15
Time Taken : 1 month

Lightning doesn't seem too bad in this new outfit...


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To-Do List

Add belts to bootsHighIn Progress
Rip jeansHighIn Progress
Make gunHighIn Progress
Make holsterHighPlanned


How to make proper rips on jeans for this costume (Posted 22nd December 2011)

I found the correct way to rip jeans for Aya Brea's "The 3rd Birthday" costume after I've ripped my jeans. This might be common knowledge, but I don't see why I shouldn't share this little nugget of info.

For this, you will need:
- A pair of scissors
- A pen knife or utility knife
- Some sandpaper
- Your jeans to be ripped
- Some thick cardboard

You first start off by laying your jeans on a flat surface, then place the thick cardboard inside the pants of your jeans, underneath the area you intend to rip. Pick up your pen knife and start to cut the jeans. Do not cut it cleanly; just lightly run it over the surface of the jeans. When you move your fingers over the surface, you should feel the surface being distinctly scratched by the pen knife.

Next, pick up the sandpaper. Rub it over the scratches till the fabric around the scratches start to fray. Balls of fabric will start to form but this is entirely intentional! Keep at it until you see the underlying layer of white thread, for this is what you want to be seen on your jean's rips. Put aside the sandpaper for now and manually rip the sides to make it wider. You may only be able to make a small rip every time you try, so keep doing it beside the rips you made to make a wide one over the jean's width. Alternatively, you can use your scissors to carefully cut the sides so that you could more easily rip it.

Ideally, the rips go from her crotch level to around her knee, so have fun!


I've still got my jeans to salvage, for if it does not work, I shall be getting a new pair to work on. Got some belts to cut for those on her boots; they just need some DIY work. The tough part comes in making her gun and holster. Looks like this won't be able to make it for the end of 2011...