Costume :Luna Lovegood
Source :Harry Potter
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2012

Costume Photos

Ravenclaw student


Costume Information

Time Taken : 10 hours


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To-Do List

Buy wandHighComplete
Robes (Ravenclaw)HighComplete
Tie (Ravenclaw)HighComplete
Blonde WigHighComplete
Black skirtHighComplete
Grey cardigan - needs blue ribbon trimHighComplete
Black shoesMediumComplete
Radish Earrings (clip on for non-pierced ears)MediumIn Progress
Knee-high socksMediumPlanned
Scarf (as in Order of the Phoenix)LowComplete

Shopping List

Ravenclaw Tie£3.99Bought
Wool for scarf£1.00Bought
Pattern for robes£2.80Bought
Fabric for robes etc.£20.15Bought


Wand pocket added (Posted 6th July 2012)

So, after MCM expo and seeing other people's robes (official ones) I found that they all had wand pockets in them, so seeing as I had a little of the lining fabric left, I cut out, edged, and hand sewed in my wand pocket last night. Looking forward to having somewhere to store my wand at LFCC this weekend rather than having to put it away in my bag...
Still no new wig for being Luna though... and I meant to remake my radishes because one of the leaves fell off... also need to attempt the beatle ring... maybe if I have time later! (And can find where I put the proper beading thread!)
Also need to find some socks/tights to wear with my skirt, because my shoes without them murdered my feet last time! Couldn't walk properly the next couple of days...

First outing (Posted 1st June 2012)

Took the robes out to MCM Expo over the weekend - would have used the wig I bought for Lucy Saxon, but I didn't really get on too well with it on the Saturday when I wore it as Lucy, so decided to just do a trial run on the robes, and leave full Luna for another occasion.

Made beaded radish earrings, but gave up on them as the clips hurt my ears, and one of the leaves fell off... will have to reassemble them some time!

Also... the wand is so pretty! 8D

Pattern and fabric bought (Posted 13th April 2012)

So I found a pattern half price for robes, and today bought some cheap (however considerably more lightweight than the original unfortunately, but couldn't afford anything heavier at this stage - this was paid for by a gift from my great Aunt!) Hopefully it will look okay though!